Catch the fever of intramural sports


Maxwell Air Force Base intramural sports will be kicking off Ultimate Frisbee and 3-on-3 basketball starting here, August 14.

 Letter of intents, (LOI’s) for these sports are due to the intramural sports coordinator by August 4.

The purpose of the intramural sports program is to encourage participation, sportsmanship, physical conditioning, and spirit de corps. The leagues, tournaments and healthy competition in the intramural sports department is dedicated to providing a positive service to military members and affiliates.

There are currently 12 different intramural sports offered, 3-on-3 basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Flag Football, Wallyball, Basketball, Racquetball, Tennis, Volleyball, Soccer, Golf, Softball, Beach Volleyball.

Melanie Gess, Maxwell Sports intramural sports coordinator said, “Intramurals provides Airmen with an opportunity for fun and rewarding sports competition and recreation. With the diverse offering of sports and activities there is an opportunity for all Airman to participate in something regardless of athletic ability.  No matter ones rank, gender, age or leisure interest, sports and recreation provides an outlet for positive social interaction, friendly competition, and sportsmanship.”

Active duty and reserve military personnel, civilians (DOD), dependents (18 years or older), and contractors are allowed to participate, and all the intramural leagues are free except for golf. Golf charges a prorated green and cart fees.

“LOI’s are sent to athletic representatives in each squadron for the upcoming sport(s) about a month ahead of the season. LOIs must be submitted to the Sports Office by the deadline to enter a team. If a squadron doesn't have enough people for a team, interested individuals can go into the player pool and be put on a team that needs more players,” said Gess.

If you are interested in joining a league, need the bylaws for a certain sport or just want more information, please contact Maxell’s Fitness center at: 334-953-5954.