AU offers best practices to international leaders

Air University hosted eight foreign-national officers training with the Naval Education Training Security Assistance Field Activities located in Pensacola, Florida, here Monday.

International officer students from the Czech Republic, Indonesia, Mauritius, Botswana, Georgia, Ukraine and Morocco received a tour and mission brief from various officer training facilities here as a part of their course.

The NETSAFA International Training Center’s manpower, personnel, training and education course is a five week program designed to help develop the skills and knowledge to revamp manpower, personnel and training policies within their own militaries.

Guy Abbate, NETSAFA department head, said he hopes the students leave with a positive opinion of the U.S. and its military.

He also said it’s not the goal for the students to go back and emulate the U.S. in everything that they do, but gain another perspective and ideas from what they see here and from what they learn from their fellow classmates.

During the course students are taken to various training locations across the country including sites at Millington, Tenn.; Great Lakes, Ill..; Newport, R.I. and Washington, D.C.

The tours and visits gives the students the opportunity to witness firsthand how the DOD recruits and trains their personnel.

Abbate said what the students learn here often helps them make broadly impacting improvements within their own military.