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Public Schools

All County public schools are accredited by the State of Alabama and Cognia

Online Education Programs

Maxwell Elementary & Middle School (Pre K - 8th grade)

Additional information on Maxwell Elementary / Middle School can be found at:

Students reside in housing on Maxwell AFB and Gunter-Annex in grades 9-12 are zoned in the Montgomery County Public School System. Maxwell is zoned for Carver Senior High School and Gunter-Annex is zoned for Lee High School.  Bus service is provided for both bases/schools. FamCamp also stands as a designated area for permanent living quarters. This designation allows permanent residents within the camping area to attend Maxwell Air Force Base Elementary and Middle School. The official memo can be found here.

Montgomery Public Schools Magnet Program

Montgomery Public Schools has an outstanding magnet school program. The MPS Magnet Application for the 2020-2021 school year will be available on-line from 6 - 31 January 2020. (Note: You do not have to live in Montgomery County to apply, although if your child is selected and chooses to attend, you will have to live in Montgomery County – including Maxwell/Gunter – by the first day of school. This means that anyone can apply, regardless of where they currently live.)  Initial acceptance emails will come out in late spring.

Charter Schools

LEAD Academy is the first charter school to secure approval to operate in Montgomery. 

Boarding Schools

Private Schools

There are also a number of private schools, many with religious orientations, located in the River Region. The area's independent and parochial schools are accredited by Cognia or by the Alabama Independent School Association.

Home Schooling

For information on Home Schooling in Alabama, contact the State Department of Education, School Safety, Discipline, and Attendance Division, P.O. Box 302101, Montgomery, AL 36130-2101, Phone 334-242-8165, Fax 334-353-5962.

Out of District Enrollment

Several public school districts in the River Region support military-connected families and students by allowing “Out of District Enrollment.”  This means that your student may attend school in a district other than the one that she or he is zoned for based on your residency.  Approval of out of district enrollment is at the discretion of the district superintendent.  Also, because the student is attending outside of their district, a parent or guardian is responsible for transportation to and from school.  

Each district's policy has different eligibility criteria:

  • Autauga County Schools have opened select schools in Prattville to any child whose parent/guardian is stationed at Maxwell-Gunter AFB regardless of where they live in the River Region.
  • Elmore County Schools have opened any of their available schools to any military-connected child regardless of where they live in the River Region.
  • Pike Road Schools have opened all their schools to any military-connected child whose parent/guardian lives on Maxwell-Gunter AFB.

School options based on residency:

(Bold – default district school zone; Italic – Out of District Enrollment options)







* Immediately eligible for varsity athletics





AL State Dept of Education Report Card

The Alabama State Department of Education analyzes verifiable data to annually inform the public of the state's, districts' and individual schools' performance on more than 30 criteria.

Contact the Maxwell AFB/42 FSS School Liaison

Attn: Active Duty Military

Why you should disclose military affiliation to your local school?

When you enroll your child, you will notice a question asking about military affiliation. Many parents questions whether they should disclose their military affiliation. Yes, you should! There are two reasons, Federal Impact Aid and the Military Student Identifier. The collected data helps your school district to apply for Federal Impact Aid Funds. These funds help offset the lost tax revenue to local school districts due to Federal lands. This includes lost property taxes due to base housing and lost sales tax dues to purchases on base. The Military Student Identifier helps the schools, districts and in turn states to determine where the military affiliated students attend schools. This can assistance in bringing resources and support for military affiliated students into the schools. While our children are resilient, sometimes their needs are different then their civilian peers. Dealing with frequent moves, deployments and other military stressors can make school life challenging. The Military Student Identifier allows agencies to pinpoint where to concentrate their support effort most efficiently. If you have more questions or concerns, please contact our School Liaison @ 334-953-6430.

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