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Department of the Air Force School Liaison Program LogoThe School Liaison Office is here to assist Department of Defense employees and their families in making a smooth transition in and out of our local public, private, and homeschool environments.  The School Liaison Office is the primary point of contact for all PreK(4) – 12th grade school related matters, advocates for the needs of the military students, connector of educational resources, provide educational options and networking opportunities, facilitates workshops to address current trends, and is the liaison between the base, the schools, and the local community.  

School Liaisons are located at each installation to provide information as well as build partnerships with the civilian and military community to help address common education challenges of military families.  School Liaisons are also an initial contact for participation in the Youth Sponsorship Program which builds resilience in youth and eases transition.  School Liaison support is free of charge and open to all Department of Defense identification card holders, educators who serve military students and community partners involved with pre-K-12 education.

Our program has built a strong, supportive relationship with the local education agencies. To get you started we have complied frequently asked questions.(FAQ updated 18 Oct 2023)

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Maxwell AFB / MEMS DoDEA Pilot Program

Frequently Asked Questions

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 Can active-duty dependents living off base attend the DoDEA school (Maxwell Elementary and Middle School) on base?

Yes, active-duty members can apply to have their children attend the DoDEA school (Maxwell Elementary and Middle School) on Maxwell AFB.  Click here to learn more,

 Pre-K Enrollment?

Alabama’s nationally recognized First Class Pre-K programs accept registration applications at the beginning of each calendar year (Jan/Feb). To participate, a child must be 4 years old (and not yet 5) on or before September 1, 2022 and an Alabama resident. Go to Alabama First Class to learn more about First Class Pre-K programs.

Maxwell Elementary & Middle School (DoDEA) also offers a Pre-K program on base. To participate, a child must be 4 years old (and not yet 5) on or before September 1, of the current school year. MEMS Pre-K is a half-day program. Parents can request to attend the morning or afternoon session. Additional information regarding DoDEA Pre-School Curriculum -

Families residing on installation are assured enrollment at MEMS Pre-K. However, as of SY 2021-22 active duty, military families residing off-installation can also enroll at MEMS via the Pilot program.

 What schools do children/youth living on the installation attend?

Elementary/Middle School:

Maxwell Elementary & Middle School (DoDEA)

Note: FamCamp on Maxwell AFB is also designated as permanent living quarters. This designation allows permanent residents within the camping area to attend Maxwell Elementary & Middle School.

High School:

Students residing in housing on Maxwell AFB and Gunter-Annex in grades 9-12 are zoned in the Montgomery County Public School System. Maxwell AFB is zoned for Carver Senior High School and Gunter-Annex is zoned for Lee High School. Bus service is provided for schools

 What other options are there for schools?

Please read the K-12 School website for current information or contact the School Liaison to find out about all your options.

  • Out-of-district enrollment
  • Charter Schools
  • Boarding Schools
  • Magnet Schools
  • Virtual Schools
  • Private Schools
 Do we have to be in Alabama to apply for magnet schools?

No, you do not have to live in Montgomery Public School (MPS) District to apply, although if your child is selected and chooses to attend, you will have to live in the MPS District – including Maxwell/Gunter – by the first day of school. This means that anyone can apply, regardless of where they currently live.

 When is the magnet school application window?

MPS will open the Magnet Application Portal around mid-January through mid-February. Follow the MPS Magnet site for the most recent updates or contact your School Liaison Program Manager.

 What school do children/youth living off base attend?

There are four school districts surrounding Maxwell – Gunter AFB. All public school districts are accredited by Cognia.

 When does school start?

In Alabama, the school year typically starts around the second week of August and ends late May.

 How old must a child be to start school?

The compulsory school age in Alabama is 6 to 17, but a child who turns five years old by September 1 can start Kindergarten in a public school. Private schools can and do enroll younger students.

 Where can I find school’s accountability data (ranking, test scores, financial, demographics, etc.)?

The Alabama State Department Education (ALSDE) gives each school a grade each year. The grade is based on the school’s test scores, attendance, and other factors. The school’s report also includes financial (free and reduced lunch numbers) and other demographic information. You can find current and past year’s district and school grades at the ALSDE website:

 Which schools do most of the installation children attend?

For student’s living in base housing, the majority of elementary and middle school students attend Maxwell Elementary & Middle School. High school students generally attend a variety of schools in the local area, some public and some private.

 How far is the walk or bus ride to and from school on base?

The walk could be up to a mile.  Maxwell Elementary & Middle School is located near base housing on Maxwell AFB. All families living on Maxwell AFB, to include the FAMCAMP, must provide their own way to school.  Students living on Gunter Annex are bussed to Maxwell Elementary & Middle School. Bus service is also provided to students who live on base and attend their zoned Montgomery Public Schools.

 What are the boundaries for off-base schools?

School zones are determined by your address.

Montgomery Public Schools:

Autauga County Schools:

For all others, please use the following link:


 What is the school registration procedure?

You will need the following documents to register your child (some districts now offer online registration where you upload your documents). Schools may have different guidelines, check your school’s website:

  1. Child’s birth certificate
  2. Child’s Alabama Certificate of Immunization (can be obtained from Maxwell Immunization Clinic or the County Health Department)
  3. Proof of address (such as a current utility bill, mortgage, or lease agreement with your name and current address on it/some schools will need to verify your lease agreement at the district office) Check with your school regarding lease acceptance. 
  4. Parent/Guardian photo ID
  5. Copy of your orders (required for MEMS or Out of District Enrollment)
  6. Unofficial Copy of School Records, Transcripts, IEP, 504, etc. (recommended)
    **This is what is typically required by public school districts in the area. However, if your child will be attending a charter or private school, you will need to contact the school directly for registration requirements.
 What types of before and after-school and holiday care programs are available?

Many organizations in Montgomery and surrounding area offer before/after school programs. These programs provide a variety of activities, including:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Field trips
  • Recreation
  • Study time

Maxwell-Gunter AFB’s offer Before and After School program at the School Age Centers. For more information about this program, call Maxwell (334) 953-6292 or Gunter (334) 416-1427 or visit Eligibility requirements and priority of authorized use follow Department of Defense and Air Force policies; contact the Youth Center for details.

 What are the state procedures for home schooling?

Parents have a number of choices if they are interested in homeschooling. For information on Home Schooling in Alabama, click here or contact the State Department of Education, School Safety, Discipline, and Attendance Division, P.O. Box 302101, Montgomery, AL 36130-2101, Phone 334-242-8165, Fax 334-353-5962.

 Still have questions?

Additional information can be found on the Maxwell AFB School Liaison website. Please contact the School Liaison for assistance or any other questions.

School Liaison Program Manager
Phone: (334) 953-6430 DSN 493-6430


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Air University treats public K-12 education as a readiness issue. As 42d ABW Command Chief CMSgt Michael Morgan notes, "When your people are worried about their children, they can't concentrate on the mission. This makes the School Liaison Office a Readiness Office." CMSgt Morgan is joined on this panel by Ms. Rebecca Hacket, an enlisted spouse and parent, as well as Mr. Terry Roller, Alabama's Assistant State Superintendent of Education. It is moderated by Dr. Brian Selmeski, Chair of Air University's Public K-12 Education Working Group. Together they will explore how public K-12 education is critical to Airmen's Quality of Life and how initiatives like the one at Maxwell-Gunter AFB can help improve readiness.

AFSA vPAC -K-12 Public Education as a Readiness Issue from AFSA HQ on Vimeo.


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