Command Team Crusades Maxwell


Over the next few months, leadership from Maxwell are making their way around the 42nd Air Base Wing squadrons, getting their hands dirty in the various jobs it takes to complete the mission, here.

The Crusader’s Experience Program will guide the base commander, Col. Eric Shafa and the base command chief, Chief Master Sgt. Erica Shipp through the trenches, enabling them to meet the wing Airmen they lead, and learn the basics of their jobs and how they contribute to the mission.

The 42nd Air Base Wing commander and command chief are not simply conducting windshield tours, but have, and will continue to, execute the duties they are being previewed to during their rounds.

 “Being able to get in depth looks into the different sections around base is a priority for our leadership team,” Shafa said. “I want to get to know Maxwell Airmen and better understand how they make this installation first class. We have such high quality personnel here, who do great work every day, and I want to be there with them, doing what they do. Chief Shipp and I are really excited about the opportunity to go around and learn for ourselves the different facets of Maxwell and how we can better lead this wing.”

The inaugural program stop propelled the leadership team on an all-terrain vehicle perimeter check with the 42nd Security Forces Squadron, Feb. 7.  A fitting follow up visit enabled them to loosen up any sore muscles at the physical therapy clinic inside the 42nd Medical Group on base. Shafa and Shipp observed and even participated in patient treatment and tried out some of the more advanced equipment used at the clinic. This included an anti- gravity treadmill that is enclosed from the waist down to reduce the gravity impact on the runner.

“Getting to being hands-on in our physical therapy clinic was a great experience,” Shafa said. “Our medical professionals do a great job keeping Airmen in the fight, along with supporting our large retiree community within the River Region. Having the opportunity to better understand the therapy process and getting to know those Airmen better was great. I look forward to going back, hopefully not as a patient!”

Staff Sgt. Brandon Fisher, 42nd Medical Operations Squadron Physical Therapy technician, said it was wonderful to have the command team see what they do, and he hopes they were able to have a better understanding of what the Airmen at the Physical Therapy clinic do.

The visits will now continue bi-monthly, aiming onward to the 42nd ABW Judge Advocate office and Tax Center, March 7.