908th LRS Partners with 42nd to Supply Deployers

MAXWELL AIR FORCE BASE, Ala. -- The 908th Airlift Wing’s Logistics Readiness Squadron helped the 42nd Airbase Wing issue supplies and equipment to 908th members slated to deploy this year Jan. 8 at Maxwell Air Force Base.

The partnership is vital to members of the 908th in the material management field.

“In today’s military arena Reservists are a very important factor in supporting various missions within the Armed Forces,” said Master Sgt. Vickey Matthews Logistics Support Manager for the 908th. “Utilizing the members of 908th LRS gives the reservist purpose and responsibility during the [Unit Training Assembly.] It also allows them to get that hands on training they will need to accomplish the jobs of materiel management.”

The partnership isn’t just vital to the members working in material management, it’s also beneficial to the customers being served.

“It is important for 908th LRS to be involved in process due to the relationship with our people,” said Master Sgt. Quintin Rudolph, Material Management Superintendent for the 908th. “It's important to have a great working relationship with the contractors to have a speedy process to serve customers.”

That relationship has been helped in the professional growth of the members in the wing.

“The partnership between 908 LRS and the contractors has been an awesome learning experience,” said Matthews. “Several of the contractors are retired, and their experience is so vital to mentor many of the younger airmen. You also have several contractors from different branches of the armed forces that worked in the same career field. Their experiences help provide a different perspective of the career field. This creates an atmosphere of great minds working together for a common goal, training our Airmen to become great leaders.”

When it came time to supply the members of the wing that are slated to deploy, the benefits of the partnership were made visible to all.

“The relationship made the process run smoother as well it allows reservists to get hands on experience performing their jobs, so that the next time they are tasked, they will be ready,” explained Matthews.

The Logistics Readiness Squadron’s participation was seen in every step of the supply issue process.

“Tasked to issue real world mobility gear (M50 gas mask, a set of filters, and web belt and canteen set) to deployers, the 908th’s LRS and Materiel Management section played a huge part in the process,” said Matthews. “Once the plan created by the 42nd Individual Protective Equipment section and the 908th LSM was put into play, the reservist made sure the process was carried out with minimal to no mistakes. The 908th Materiel Management section made sure of accountability for each chalk, escorting them to their prospective receiving area and assisted the contractors with issuing gear to deployers.”

According to Matthews the whole process and relationship is about more than just one morning issuing supplies.

“The partnership with the 42nd’s LRS team adds growth in the training aspect of our reservists,” said Matthews. “Tasking to support the many missions our nation faces are no longer just the responsibilities of the Active Duty; the Reserve and Guard are being deployed and filling just as many vital positions, requiring them to be ready at all times. This means that partnering with the 42nd’s team and providing assistance with the processes makes us a total force.”

That bigger picture aspect is what makes the members of the 908th prideful in their work thus making the partnership a success.

“When tasked, they will be ready for the mission and perform at their best,” explained Matthews. “There is no better feeling than having confidence to perform your job that helps protect your nation.”