Pinnacle on track with base housing reduction

MAXWELL AIR FORCE BASE, Ala. -- A representative of Pinnacle Realty Management Company recently said the company is on track with their housing reduction plan for the Maxwell-Gunter community.

Starla Wilson, community director for Pinnacle, estimates that by the end of 2010 the number of Maxwell-Gunter housing units will be brought down to the mandated 501 units, with 218 units assigned to officers and 283 units assigned to enlisted members.

Lori Booth of the Maxwell-Gunter Housing Office said some changes will be necessary because finding enough housing that meets the square-footage requirement for officers, as directed by Air Force Instruction, is a problem. Housing officers at Gunter helps alleviate that problem. In addressing concerns about that plan, she said that officers have always lived at Gunter in the past, and some are living there now.

"Officers are entitled by AFI to have a certain amount of area in a housing unit, and some of the newer homes at Gunter already meet that requirement," she said. "Another problem involves the fact that many of the older houses are on the historical register, or are eligible for the register, which means they can not be renovated to meet the AFI."

Ms. Wilson said currently the base has 711 units, and older, non-historical structures, especially row-housing, will be demolished as they become vacant.

"A large number of the row-house units will come down after this year's Air Command and Staff College graduation when students move on to new assignments," she said. "The goal right now is to get base residents moved into the best 501 homes on Maxwell and Gunter."

Ms. Wilson said Gunter's newer housing on Volser and Ogden Courts will be renovated to meet requirements and be re-designated as officer housing, while housing on Erwin Court will also be renovated but remain senior NCO housing. She said Pinnacle currently has five new homes on Gunter under construction and scheduled to be available in June, and they will be designated "E-9 prestige homes."

"Pinnacle is constructing the new community center on Maxwell Boulevard, and the grand opening for that facility is also scheduled for June," she said. "The community center will offer a convenience to base housing residents as it will be open to them for parties and other events."

Ms. Wilson said Pinnacle is aware of the inconvenience demolitions and renovations can cause base residents, and the company is always available to help. Any resident experiencing difficulty should contact her at 262-1630, or log on to the Pinnacle Web site at: and click on the "contact us" button.

"Renovations and demolitions generate a difficult time for residents, and anyone having a problem associated with their housing unit is encouraged to contact us," she said. "Please do come to us though, and not the Maxwell-Gunter Housing Office."

Ms. Wilson said Pinnacle plans to hold additional informational meetings for housing residents in the future, and asks residents to keep an eye out for notices of these meetings in the base newspaper and bulletin. She strongly encourages residents to attend the meetings.