Multimedia Center provides equipment check out

MAXWELL AIR FORCE BASE, Ala. -- The base Multimedia Center at Maxwell, located in building 936, offers multimedia services, equipment checkout and a computer lab pre-loaded with media editing software.

The center serves all Department of Defense personnel regardless of rank or organization, excluding students of the Officer Training School.

Alternative routes are also provided by the Center if the do-it-yourself route is a preferred method. The base multimedia center calls it "Multimedia Self-Help," which allows personnel here to do just that, help themselves.

"Even if the base multimedia center is tasked with another project and we cannot assist you, we offer checkout of equipment and the use of our computer lab at no cost," said Cyndi Smith, graphics manager at the center.

For example, if someone wants to create a media project, they can complete an AF Form 833 to borrow basic camera equipment. If they require higher-end equipment, they will also need to provide a request from their respective leadership, stating why the equipment is necessary.

Photos taken with the camera can then be edited and enhanced thanks to the multimedia center's computer lab, which is loaded with the complete Adobe Creative Suite. It allows personnel to create movies, posters, photos and even soundtracks.

Jamie Pitcher, illustrator at the base multimedia center, encourages personnel to purchase blank DVD discs or any type of recordable media before saving their work, because the computers in the lab are not connected to the network.

"If you would rather publish or print your work, you must provide your own materials," Pitcher said. "We also offer assistance with multimedia self-help, but we do not offer training. We recommend people using our lab have prior knowledge and experience with the computers and software."

For more information about the services the multimedia or multimedia self-help provide, contact the base multimedia center at 953-7981.