CI ratings: AU 'excellent,' wing 'sat'

by Kelly Deichert
Air University Public Affairs

9/23/2011 - MAXWELL AIR FORCE BASE, GUNTER ANNEX, Ala. -- After months of hard work, Maxwell celebrated the end of the Air Education and Training Command compliance inspection with noisemakers, horns and hamburgers on Monday.

Cowbells, whistles and sirens filled Polifka Auditorium when the Air University learned it had earned an "excellent" rating.

"This is a great report, and I am very pleased," said Lt. Gen. David Fadok, the Air University commander and president.

The 42nd Air Base Wing learned of its "satisfactory" rating during an outbrief at the base theater and then hosted a cookout at the Maxwell Event Center to celebrate the base's hard work.

"You did really well. Congratulations," said Col. Brian Killough, 42nd ABW commander. "I'm proud of all of you."

Last week, AETC inspectors reviewed how well AU and the wing follow Air Force instructions and applicable guidance and policy. For the first time, the inspection team rated the Air University and the wing separately.

Fadok and Killough recognized the months of work Maxwell dedicated to preparing for the inspection.

"The results represent a tremendous amount of effort on your part," Fadok told the audience at Polifka. "You all were the ones who did the hard work. I am so very, very proud to be a part of this amazing team. Thank you very, very much for giving it your all."

Each agency has room for improvement, and Killough encouraged everyone to continue focusing on compliance. "We're going to move out, do better and correct the deficiencies," he said.

Fadok also urged Maxwell to continue the momentum and maintain compliance through a robust self-inspection program. "We are the gold standard, and we will maintain the gold standard."

Coin recipients

1st Lt. Mary Hoyer,
Holm Center
Staff Sgt. Jacquelyne Fields,
Barnes Center
Master Sgt. Brian Nelson,
Barnes Center
Lloyd Wilson, Air University
Chaplain (Capt.)
David Merrifield,
42nd ABW Chaplain's Office
Staff Sgt. Patrick Miller,
42nd Logistics
Readiness Squadron
Christine Bushby,
42nd Force Support Squadron

Professional performers: Air University

Air University professional team
Officer Training School finance working group

Master Sgt. Denise Spaulding
Staff Sgt. Rogerick Gordon
Staff Sgt. Tess Kelley
Senior Airman Donte-Nisha Wilson
Natalia Davenport
Teresa Dearth
David Kissane
Harold Kouns
Douglas McCarty
Steve Pratersch
Dr. Andrew Stricker
Rita Williams
Elizabeth Wilson
Lloyd Wilson

Holm Center

Lt. Col. Joel Irvin
Maj. Rebecca Griffin
Maj. Timothy Reynolds
Capt. Nathan Brown
Capt. Theresa Chrystal
Capt. Brain O'Neil
Capt. Lisa Siwik
Capt. Matthew Smith
1st Lt. Mary Hoyer
Master Sgt. James Browning
Master Sgt. Candy McGinnis
Tech. Sgt. Crystal Freeman
Tech. Sgt. Myron Thomas
Staff Sgt. Troy Hoover
Staff Sgt. Haley Jardee
DeShana Chisolm
Rebecca Julian
Dr. Shawn O'Mailia
Kevin Reuter
Linda Sackie
Jim Wiggins

Eaker Center

Maj. Michael Cartwright
Master Sgt. David Blackburn
Mack Cockrell

Barnes Center

Senior Master Sgt. Shawn Chrystal
Senior Master Sgt. Tim McClanahan
Senior Master Sgt. Melanie Noel
Master Sgt. Mark Calandra
Master Sgt. Pamela Hill
Master Sgt. Keith Long
Master Sgt. Brian Nelson
Tech. Sgt. Becky Walters
Staff Sgt. Jacquelyne Fields
Senior Airman Kristina Lingenfelter
J. R. Breeding
Jefferey Geidner
Richard Rafferty

Spaatz Center

Col. Mark Erickson
Col. Jeffrey Smith
Lt. Col. Helen Yu
Maj. James Fuller
Maj. James Hallagin
Maj. Kurt Huntzinger
Maj. Thomas Kiesling
Maj. Richard King
Maj. David Reichert
Maj. Albert Searfass
Capt. Kelly Morrison
Tech. Sgt. Jason Manuel
Dr. John Ackerman
Deborah Aguilar-Root
Scot Dyess
Dr. Stefan Eisen
Dr. John Geis
Kimberly Hudson
Gene Kamena
Gaylon McAlpine
Dr. John Miller
Donald Neal
Dr. Matthew Stafford
Jay Warwick

LeMay Center

Lt. Col. Allen Womack
Maj. James Swisher
Tech. Sgt. Christopher Downing
Tech. Sgt. Joshua Vance
Allen Cornelius II
James Flavell
Pamela Hill
Thomas Reiff

Air Force Research Institute

Billy Barth
Demorah Hayes
Dr. Adam Lowther
Andrew Thayer

School of Advanced Air
and Space Studies

Kelly Rhodes

Professional performers: 42nd Air Base Wing

Chaplain (Capt.) David Merrifield
Staff Sgt. Lewis Christopher
Staff Sgt. Christina Contreras
Gary Looney
Robert Parker
Clementine Reynolds-Daniel

42nd Mission Support Group

Airman 1st Class Benjamin Piper42nd Security Forces Squadron
Staff Sgt. Summer Casison
Staff Sgt. Renisha Smith
Staff Sgt. Richard White
Airman 1st Class Sachel Barber
Airman 1st Class Joshuah Carpenter
Airman 1st Class David Dieterich
Airman 1st Class Jarren Ewing
Airman 1st Class Lawrence Griffin
Airman 1st Class Michael Hom
Michael Renn

42nd Civil Engineering Squadron

Wayne Andersen
Lori Booth
Dennis Fonville
Emanuel Hannibal
Larry Howard

42nd Communications Squadron

Tech. Sgt. Andrea Neswadi
Tech. Sgt. Christopher Remington
Airman 1st Class Scott Green

42nd Contracting Squadron

1st Lt. Angela Frazier
Airman 1st Class Charles Wilson
Michelle Euard

42nd Force Support Squadron

Staff Sgt. Jesse Sills
Christine Bushby
Shawn Edwards
Beth Guthrie

42nd Logistics Readiness Squadron

Staff Sgt. Patrick Miller
Regis Nolan

42nd Operations Support Flight

Staff Sgt. Kellie Halford
Senior Airman Justin McWhite

42nd Medical Group

Capt. Christopher Edens
Capt. Victor Vargas
Tech. Sgt. Shannon McLeod
Tech. Sgt. Levi Robertson
Staff Sgt. David Lordan
Staff Sgt. Rolando Smythe
Staff Sgt. Yashinaria Sneed
Senior Airman Misty Smiley
Airman 1st Class Katrina Buck
Airman 1st Class China Forrest
John Henry
Eric Pendleton


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