Retiree Activities Office

The mission of the Retiree Activities Office (RAO) is to provide information helpful to retirees of all services. As the base level component of the Air Force Retiree Council, the RAO operates under Air Force Instruction 36-3106. It is supported by the 42nd Air Base Wing, providing a liaison between the active duty units at Maxwell-Gunter and the retiree communities of all branches of the armed forces. The RAO is continually recruiting dedicated personnel with a military background who may wish to join our staff of those who are "Still Serving." For more information about retiree activities, contact the RAO at (334) 953-6725 or by e-mail at

A Retiree Activities Office is established at all major U.S. Air Force installations around the world. In the AF, all offices are staffed by volunteers. Our challenge has been and still continues to be finding and sustaining a staff of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers to avail themselves of their knowledge to serve the community.

Reporting a Retiree Death
Surviving family members of retired Air Force personnel residing in the United States may report the death of a member, and receive personal assistance in applying for eligible benefits on their behalf by contacting:

  • The Casualty Assistance Representative (CAR) at the nearest Air Force Base Military Personnel Flight, Customer Service
  • Maxwell's Casualty Assistance Representative can be reached at (334) 953-5048
  • The Air Force Casualty Assistance Representative Locator can be reached at 877-353-6807
  • Defense Finance and Accounting Service can be reached at 800-321-1080

Please have the following information available when making a notification:

  • Retiree's full name, grade, Social Security number and date of retirement.
  • Date, city and state of death.
  • Name, relationship and phone number of next of kin. 
  • For general officers - date and place of funeral, if known

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