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  • AU faculty address improvements to public K-12 education at ADC Summit

    Within the military, members are in a constant state of flux. Transitioning from one assignment to the next is hard enough, but adding school-age children into the mix creates additional challenges.
  • American naval aviation paved way for advances in Pacific theater of operations

    Although the war in the Pacific and East Asia had gone badly for the Allies during the six months after the Japanese attack on Allied possessions in early December 1941, the tide of war had turned in favor of the Allies over the first six months of 1942.
  • Air Force Junior ROTC, CAP cadets launch more than 200 rockets over River Region

    Fifty years ago today, the Saturn V, carrying the Lunar Module “Eagle,” launched out of Kennedy Space Center. It was from this achievement that Neil Armstrong recited his famous line which echoed around the world, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”To commemorate this monumental achievement, the Air Force’s Junior Reserve
  • Sullivan takes command of LeMay Center, vice commander position of AU

    Maj. Gen. Brad M. Sullivan took command of the Curtis E. LeMay Center for Doctrine Development and Education and vice commander position for Air University from Maj. Gen. Michael Rothstein during a change of command ceremony, July 15, 2019, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.
  • Air University elective broadens SOS students’ research experience

    A new elective at Squadron Officer School is connecting some of the school’s innovative students with Air University’s vast body of research topics, extensive academic and military networks and expansive repository of information.
  • Brown assumes command of Barnes Center for Enlisted Education

    Air University and Maxwell Air Force Base welcomed a new commander for Air University’s Barnes Center for Enlisted Education during an assumption of command ceremony July 11, 2019, at Gunter Annex, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.
  • Public education options continue to expand around Air University

    Air University and organizations across the River Region have made strides to improve public education options for military-affiliated children.
  • Air University hosts AFITC Education and Training Event, focus on multi-domain operations

    Senior Air Force leaders and notable industry experts headline the 2019 Air Force IT and Cyberpower Education and Training Event, Aug. 26-28, in Montgomery, Alabama.    Hosted by Air University and themed “Cyberpower: Critical to Multi-Domain Operations,” the emphasis of this year’s AFITC will be on education and training in the realm of
  • Air University Press releases book on secret war in Laos

    Air University Press’s latest book release is Special Air Warfare and the Secret War in Laos: Air Commandos 1964–1975 by retired Army Col. Joseph D. Celeski.Through extensive research and interviews with veterans who were there, Celeski captures the story of special air warfare and the Air Commandos in Laos during what had been a U.S. government
  • OTS prepares for the arrival of “Godzilla” class

    This past March, Air University’s Officer Training School celebrated the graduation of its largest class in school history: 340 officer trainees. Just a few months later, though, the radar is reading a class more than twice that size.What is being dubbed the “Godzilla” class, OTS Class 19-07 will push the school to its maximum capacity by tipping