Standards and discipline ... critical to mission success

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Johnny L. Fryer
  • 42nd Security Forces Squadron
Standards and discipline play an important role in mission accomplishment. Ask yourself how can we effectively accomplish the mission if we don't comply with mandated Air Force and DoD standards?

If we don't follow the rules, we simply put ourselves in trouble all the time, and certainly won't be able to take care of our people and certainly won't be able to accomplish the mission.

Additionally, when standards are met, tangible and intangible rewards are sure to follow. Awards, promotions, and job opportunities, to name a few, will recognize our personnel who consistently meet and exceed standards which will ultimately help the unit succeed.

Discipline is also essential to the success of an organization. Let me explain. Discipline can come from ourselves. It can come from our peers. It can come from someone else, or it can come from a task. "This task is so important that I must do it right."

Furthermore, we must adhere to standards and enforce standards with discipline. This means we cannot allow ourselves or subordinates to fall short of meeting standards, which can endanger mission accomplishment.

What does all this suggest? The bottom line is adherence to standards and discipline is what enables us to accomplish our mission, which is to fly, fight, and win! We (DoD personnel) cannot allow ourselves to fall short; our nation is counting on us because we play a critical role in ensuring the safety and security of this great nation!