MSS gives Team Maxwell-Gunter a “high five”

  • Published
  • By Maj. Kerry J. Proulx
  • 42nd Mission Support Squadron commander
The big day came and Team Maxwell-Gunter, for the first time in the 44-year history of the "Base Championship Series," saw the LeMay "Bowl" Trophy within in its sights as the representative of the mighty AETC "SEC." Our formerly unranked team had become the talk of the Air Force with its heartfelt enthusiasm that consistently greeted every Airman, civilian, contractor and distinguished guest who visited it.

The year began with a training camp not for the weary or the weak. Virtual strangers took the "practice field" going back to basics, learning "new plays" and taking on new roles. The season opener saw a clash of the old and the new resulting in a newly formed special team, the FSS Working Group, which pulled off the victory of the century garnering nearly $1M from the "Alumni" for" locker room" and office upgrades allowing the entire team to better care for our "fans". The most memorable feat however was the big rivalry blowout leaving the AETC ORI team nearly speechless, only able to utter a few words like "excellent and outstanding."

Proving to be the winningest season ever, victory was earned through incredible teamwork, unrelenting effort, and the passion only seen by those who truly love the "sport." Yet, we took some tough "hits" from Gustav and Ike, sent the travel team overseas, adjusted to new corporate rules and supported those on the injured reserves. But through it all, the steady seniors held fast while the new team of "red-shirt freshman" took their place in the "starting lineup." Through it all, the greatest fans and booster club in all the "conference" held strong, carrying us through those fleeting moments of doubt.

So today, we stand on the brink of history. Our rivals are strong and proud with great "coaches" and top recruits. They have prepared well and expect the score to be close. Our team stood tall, stayed steady and had the home-field advantage. Our "groundskeepers" fastidiously prepared the field. And never before in the history and heritage of Team Maxwell-Gunter has it looked so beautiful than it does today. Our untested team was fast and furious giving them the ball "as toe met leather," having no doubt Team Maxwell-Gunter, the pride and joy of the AETC "SEC," will always outlast the competition to triumph in the fourth quarter.

With the most heartfelt gratitude, the team members of the 42nd Mission Support Squadron and 42nd Services Division want to formally thank all our "fans," "boosters," "alumni," and leadership for all the incredible support we received throughout this last "season" culminating with the LeMay Evaluation Team visit. Whether or not we remain in the "top 20," we are humbled by the overwhelming support and participation we received from the entire base and local community, making this event a legacy never before seen in the "region."

So, whether you completed the customer service survey in January, attended the ice breaker or out-brief, greeted the team at the airport, helped create the in-brief video, provided security or transportation, or most importantly simply used one of our services in the past year, we salute you! Each and every one of you made this historic event a fantastic memory that we will take with us throughout the years to come, and for that, we sincerely thank you, give you a high five and would gladly line up with you any day!