Flight Leaders Course continues to improve after two successful classes

Flight Leaders Course

First Lt. Jaynan Alvarez (Left), 42nd Communications Squadron flight operations commander, and 2nd Lt. Timothy Blondin, 42nd Communications Squadron Client Systems Technicians shop officer in-charge, discuss course curriculum, Feb. 6, 2018, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama. Both Alvarez and Blondin said that the Flight Leaders Course has improved their leadership abilities. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Charles Welty)


Having graduated their second class in November, 42nd Force Support Squadrons Flight Leaders Course administrators continue to prove successful in preparing their students for squadron-level leadership roles.

The strength of this course is diversity, said Master Sgt. Donnovan Bowman, 42nd FSS career assistance advisor. The first two classes have consisted of several company-grade officers as well as civilians and enlisted members from across the spectrum.

The integration of civilians, officers and enlisted members into the same course started as a way to evenly train all personnel involved in squadron-level leadership roles, said Bowman.

Because of this courses innovation, other bases have shown interest in possibly implementing this course into their professional leadership development curriculum.

The second class was even attended by two members from Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, as well as reservists and Air National Guard members from the Maxwell area.

Since the first two classes have completed, the 42nd FSS has been listening to feedback given by students in order to continue fine tuning its curriculum, said Bowman. Based on the feedback received, they will be creating more scenarios to relate each block of instruction to real world situations as well as focusing more on class engagement.

2nd Lt. Timothy Blondin, officer in-charge of the Client Systems Technicians shop here, said that being a fresh officer, he benefitted greatly from this course.

“I can say that this course made an immediate impact for me,” said Blondin. “Right after finishing this course, I came back to my office and immediately began making administrative changes.”

He emphasized how the diversification added a lot to the course because it exposes students to different perspectives and gives them an idea of how everyone else is approaching a situation.

The course is constantly evolving, said Bowman. Currently, the two day course covers topics such as officer and enlisted promotions, career progression, civilian personnel systems, Airman and family readiness tools, legal briefings, discipline, and senior officer and enlisted leader panel discussions.

The next class is planned to be held in late April of this year.

For more information about the course, you can read the original article at this link: http://www.maxwell.af.mil/News/Display/Article/1279448/maxwells-new-leadership-course-revitalizes-flights-squadrons/