BAH rate changes in Montgomery

MAXWELL AIR FORCE BASE, Ala. -- The Basic Allowance for Housing rate for the Montgomery area has been reduced effective Jan. 1, 2018. What does this mean for personnel currently receiving BAH?

Those currently receiving BAH will not be affected due to BAH protection as outlined in the Joint Travel Regulation chapter 10, section 10004. The regulation states that monthly BAH amount paid to a service member can’t be reduced as a result of changes in housing costs in the local area, changes in the national monthly housing cost, or if the member is promoted. The only way a Service member can have their BAH changed to the new lower rate is if the member is demoted, goes through a divorce, or if for any reason loses eligibility for the BAH. The Service member will then begin being paid the new lower rate of BAH.

Frequently asked questions:
Q: Did my BAH drop? 
A: Not if you started receiving BAH before Jan. 1 2018.

Q: I have been promoted and the BAH rate for my new grade is lower than what I currently receive. Will I receive the new reduced rate? 
A: No, you will continue to receive the previous rate because it is higher than the new one. Your BAH will not be reduced due to promotion. 

Q: My dependency status changed. Will I maintain my previous rate?
A: No, any changes in dependency status will update BAH to the current rate.

Please direct any further questions or concerns to 42 CPTS at maxwell.finance@us.af.mil.