Maxwell Airman seeks out volunteer opportunities for fellow wingmen

Maxwell Airman seeks out volunteer opportunities for fellow wingmen

Volunteers from last year’s restoration project help repaint the house of a widow in need, 2017, in Montgomery, Alabama. Last year, 30 members from the 42nd Medical Group came together to help restore the homes of multiple widows in the local area. (Courtesy photo)


A Maxwell Airman has organized a volunteer opportunity to help widows-in-need next month, which is available for anyone in the Maxwell community to participate in. 

Capt. Brianna Meek, 42nd Medical Group public health officer, is working with Beauty by Fire Ministries, a Montgomery based organization whose mission is to provide support to widows from across the River Region.

Their upcoming project is being held in order to restore the homes and yards of six locals.


“There are hundreds of widows in the Montgomery area,” said Brooke Freeman, founder and president of Beauty by Fire Ministries. “Many of them have very busy schedules and lack the ability and/or time to maintain their own properties.”


Since it was founded in 2014, the organization has helped many widows from all across the city and the surrounding areas.


“I think this is a good opportunity for Air Force members to see what the community outside of base is really like,” said Meek.


Last year, Meek, along with 30 members of the 42nd Medical Group, helped restore multiple homes around the Montgomery



“Last year, we participated in two events like this one,” said Meek. “The event in spring was attended by mostly coworkers of mine. In the fall, by students of the Squadron Officer School.”


In addition to the upcoming restoration project happening March 24, Meek is planning three more volunteer opportunities this year through Beauty by Fire.


If interested in future volunteer opportunities as well as how to get involved contact Capt. Brianna Meek at 334-953-9043 or visit the Beauty by Fire website at http://www.beautybyfire.org/get-involved.html