Maxwell honors 42nd SFS Airmen during Police Week

Maxwell's National Police Week

Air Force retired Col. Martin Strones, guest speaker for the Maxwell National Police Week historical breakfast, speaks to attendees about his experiences in Bien Hoa, Vietnam, May 15, 2018, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama. Attendees of the historical breakfast were 42nd Security Forces Squadron Airmen and police officers from the Montgomery Police Department. (U.S. Air Force photo by William Birchfield)


The 42nd Security Forces Squadron hosted several events throughout the week to celebrate and honor the men and women in law enforcement who protect and serve our community for National Police Week, May 14 – 18, 2018, on Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.

National Police Week was established in 1962, by President John. F. Kennedy as a way to pay respect to those who serve in law enforcement.

The 42nd SFS kicked off this year’s National Police Week with a softball tournament at the Maxwell Softball Fields, followed by a barbeque.

Events hosted later in the week included a historical breakfast, a crime prevention exposition at the Maxwell Elementary and Middle School, a Montgomery Police Department memorial and a motorcycle safety event.

The historical breakfast on Tuesday featured guest speaker, Air Force retired Col. Martin Strones, who spoke about Air Force security forces history and his experience at Bien Hoa in Vietnam.

Strones ended his history brief by thanking everyone for attending and stating that it was an honor for him to be there and to tell his story. He also thanked the security forces Airmen and the MPD officers and let them know that he thinks about them often, because of how tough it must be for them to deal with how the world is today.

“[National Police Week] is to not only about reflecting on those heroes who we’ve lost in the fight, it’s also a time to enjoy your family, share stories with your friends and colleagues, and appreciate our background and history; Think about the things that Colonel Strone shared with us this morning,” said 42nd SFS Commander Lt. Col. Kim Crawford.

After the breakfast the 42nd SFS Airmen went to the Maxwell Elementary and Middle School for the crime prevention exposition to educate the students and faculty about their mission and how to prevent crime.

On Wednesday, 42nd SFS joined with the MPD in downtown Montgomery for a memorial service for the officers who lost their lives in the line of duty.

The names of all of those lost in the line of duty in Montgomery were read out loud and a wreath was placed on the MPD memorial statue.

During the ceremony, MPD Chief Ernest Finley, Director of Public Safety Ron Sams and the Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange, provided remarks.

 “Law enforcement, fire protection, security services, anyone that puts on that uniform and that badge are my heroes,” said Strange. “And today we’re here to honor our heroes and thank those that have been a part of making those individuals heroes.”