Air University tests out new material for Flight Leader’s Course

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Alexa Culbert
  • Air University Public Affairs

Air University and the eSchool of Graduate Professional Military Education conducted beta-testing for their new course material as a part of the Flight Commander’s Edge program at the Maxwell Education Center Oct. 9 – 12.

The Flight Commander’s Edge program supports in the development of flight commander’s courses across the Air Force, such as the 42nd Air Base Wing‘s Flight Leader’s Course.

The Flight Commander’s Edge program, developed by AU and managed by the eSchool, created and carried out a trial run of new curriculum to be used in flight leadership-level courses, as requested by the Chief of Staff of the Air Force.

“The beta-testing phase is the most critical in the development of our material,” said Lt. Col. Rose Stoor, eSchool of Graduate PME Director of Program Integration. “My hopes for this beta is that we receive significant amounts of candid, constructive feedback from all of the participants, students, observers, facilitators and the course director. This will allow us to incorporate their feedback into crafting the best course material possible for the Air Force.”

Stoor stated that the eSchool created lesson plans, lesson guides, course templates, facilitator guidance, a Course Director Handbook, self-assessments, feedback forms, exercises, handouts, learning aids and an online platform for collaboration between wings to discuss best practices and share content.

Staff at AU then provided additional leadership lessons, review material, participants for guided discussion trials and assessments on flight-level leadership behaviors.

The planned outcomes for the new course material was to improve the understanding of flight commander roles, duties and responsibilities, increase proficiency in key flight-level leadership skills and behaviors, and orient flight commanders on unit policies, programs, plans and procedures.

“Our most significant goal is to support the development of flight commander’s courses across the Air Force,” said Stoor. “We are also striving to create an online community of practice where flight commander course directors from across the Air Force can come to connect with peers, share ideas, and ask questions. I think it could have a huge impact on the [Chief of Staff of the Air Force’s] goal to revitalize the squadron by providing just-in-time development for Airmen as they go into their first significant leadership position.”