Air University Press releases spring 2019 Strategic Studies Quarterly

Air University Press releases spring 2019 Strategic Studies Quarterly

Air University Press releases spring 2019 Strategic Studies Quarterly. ( Courtesy Graphic)


Air University Press just released the spring 2019 edition of Strategic Studies Quarterly. SSQ is an Air Force–sponsored strategic forum on national and international security.


Additionally, the latest Issues and Answers video interview features Dr. Everett Dolman, Air Command and Staff College, discussing the implications of a U.S. Space Force. 


In this issue:

An Interview with Robert O. Work, former deputy secretary of defense. Work details China’s competitive strategy designed to overcome technological inferiority, move to technological parity and achieve technological superiority.


In Pessimism and Nostalgia in the Second Nuclear Age, Christopher J. Fettweis, Tulane University, asks why pessimism about the second nuclear age and nostalgia for the Cold War persist among nuclear scholars.


Notre Dame scholar Eugene Gholz argues why President Trump’s new conventional arms transfer policy includes an economic security analysis, how to conduct the analysis and who should conduct it.


Space strategist James Clay Moltz explores what dynamics may reshape traditional definitions of space power and the prospects for U.S. success in future competition with China and Russia.


In Horizontal Escalation: An Asymmetric Approach to Russian Aggression? Michael Fitzsimmons from the Institute for Defense Analyses asks, Can horizontal escalation help deter Russian aggression or manage escalation in a U.S./NATO-Russia crisis—particularly in the Baltic states?


Ann Mezzell, Air Command and Staff College, writes on deterring terrorists abroad and assesses whether security force assistance is an effective means of shoring up partner stability, inhibiting civil war and deterring terrorism. 


The spring edition and interview are available at https://www.airuniversity.af.edu/SSQ. Give feedback at strategicstudiesquarterly@us.af.mil.