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Air University Press just released the summer 2019 edition of Strategic Studies Quarterly, available at

In this issue:

Center for Strategic and International Studies senior fellow Thomas Karako critiques the Missile Defense Review, asking, “Why doesn’t the MDR contend with the threat of complex and integrated air and missile attack?”

Air University’s space strategist Everett Dolman explores the implications of the latest DOD proposal to Congress for a U.S. Space Force.

Boston University’s Joshua Shifrinson proposes a structured settlement for security in northeast Asia among U.S., China, Japan, North Korea and South Korea.  

From the University of Waterloo, Canada, Alexander Lanoszka argues whether withdrawing from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty could improve U.S. security against Russia and China in a manner that improves deterrence.

Air Force Maj. Timothy May presents solutions that address problems in the U.S. industrial base to help spur innovation and sustain competition. 

Justin Anderson and Amy Nelson from National Defense University analyze whether the rigidity of the INF Treaty was the key factor in its demise. 

Summer book reviews include Rationality and the North Korean Regime, Emotional Choices: How the Logic of Affect Shapes Coercive Diplomacy, The End of Strategic Stability?, The Hell of Good Intentions and Will China’s Economy Collapse? 

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