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Air University Press releases book on secret war in Laos

  • Published
  • Air University Press

Air University Press’s latest book release is Special Air Warfare and the Secret War in Laos: Air Commandos 1964–1975 by retired Army Col. Joseph D. Celeski.

Through extensive research and interviews with veterans who were there, Celeski captures the story of special air warfare and the Air Commandos in Laos during what had been a U.S. government secret war. He sheds light on the involvement of Air Commandos serving in Laos as trainers, advisors and clandestine combat forces to prevent the communist takeover of the Royal Lao government. Veterans’ personal documents and pictures offer unique insights to this period.

This story contributes to understanding the wider war in Southeast Asia and lineage of the U.S. Special Operations Forces Command by filling in some of the gaps of the unknown contributions of the Air Commandos.

The lessons learned will be important to future generations of Air Commandos and special operations forces’ air strategists pondering solutions to complex and challenging problems when facing America’s future irregular warfare adversaries.

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