Air University Press releases USAF Journal of the Americas

USAF Journal of the Americas

USAF Journal of the Americas cover. (Courtesy graphic)


Air University Press announces the release of its new edition of the USAF Journal of the Americas.

Published in Spanish, Portuguese and English—the three predominant languages of the continent—this journal is dedicated to stimulating professional dialogue on air and space power among the members of the armed forces of the Americas, historians, academic scholars and the general public.

In this edition:

• The War for the Public Mind – Propaganda

• Cybersecurity – A Proposal for the Systematization of National Critical Infrastructures

• Opportunities and Challenges of Emerging Technologies – The Importance of the Aerospace Industry for Brazil

• Persistent Space Situation Awareness for the Guardians of the High Frontier

Download the journal at www.airuniversity.af.edu/JOTA/.