Air University Press releases fall 2019 edition of SSQ

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Air University Press released the fall 2019 edition of Strategic Studies Quarterly, available online at

In this issue:

  • The SSQ editor argues why de-escalation is bad policy.
  • Keith Payne, president of the National Institute for Public Policy, presents the realism versus idealism debate on deterrence and disarmament.
  • Scholars John Schuessler and Joshua Shifrinson remind readers that U.S.-NATO relations have not always been smooth. 
  • Career Foreign Service officer Terry Mobley offers his experienced insights on China’s Belt and Road Initiative.
  • Frederico Bartels from The Heritage Foundation proposes a new round of BRAC for our new defense strategy.   
  • MIT scholars Nicholas Anderson, Alexandre Debs and Nuno Monteiro explore the possibility of nuclear compellence among states, allies and adversaries.
  • From the Army Cyber Institute, Erica Borghard and Shawn Lonergan address the problem of cyber operations and conflict escalation. 

Fall book reviews include Strategic Cyber Deterrence by Scott Jasper, The Logic of American Nuclear Strategy by Matthew Kroenig, and China’s Future by David Shambaugh.   

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