Air University Press Launches Wild Blue Yonder

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Air University Press launched Wild Blue Yonder, a new digital journal today, focused on air, space, and cyber power and linking theory with operational experiences.

“We are trying to bring together academicians and operators in an environment that provides quality publications, meaningful interactions, feedback, and collaboration,” said Dr. Ernest Gunasekara-Rockwell, “Wild Blue Yonder” editor. “Authors and readers will be able to interact with one another, allowing for academic discourse and honing of ideas, which will hopefully entice greater collaboration among those in the classroom and those down range.”

“Wild Blue Yonder” is available on the Air University Press website and will be published every two weeks. Interested authors can submit articles to the editorial staff at

“Much like Air University Press itself, we envision Wild Blue Yonder as a place that bridges the gap between academic thought and practical operational experience,” said Lt. Col. Darin Gregg, AU Press Director.  The framework of this new online format allows Wild Blue Yonder to be the place that fosters discussion and debate among air, space, and cyber space practitioners.”

Founded in 1953, Air University Press is a world leader in military academic publishing and is the publishing agent for Air University. Since its inception, the Press has edited, published and distributed over 1.1 million student papers, curriculum texts, faculty research pieces, journals, and scholarly books to further airpower thought critical to the intellectual growth of the Air Force. Wild Blue Yonder will join Air University Press’s robust journal line up, which includes Air & Space Power Journal, Strategic Studies Quarterly, the Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs, the Journal of the Americas, and the Journal of European, Middle Eastern, & African Affairs.


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