AU Press releases Air and Space Power Journal winter 2019 edition

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Air University Press releases the winter 2019 Air and Space Power Journal, available at

This issue examines areas that need to be addressed for the Space Force to fully mature as well as the status of the Afghan air force’s engineering and facilities management functions and the effect of the U.S.-led train-advise-assist efforts. It also highlights Air University’s efforts to apply its Ethical Leadership Framework across Air Force educational programs to create ethical leaders who think and act strategically.

Senior leaders discuss how U.S. Air Forces Europe-AFAFRICA’s optimized air component structure is improving the command’s ability to support joint and coalition partners in the Africa Command and European Command areas of responsibility.   

Other topics include consolidating and automating social media impacts to risk, developing habits of critical thinking as a basis to solving difficult challenges, creating more resilient Airmen through transformational leadership and open mission systems in DOD aircraft avionics.

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