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Air University Press just released the Summer 2020 Edition of Strategic Studies Quarterly, available at

In this issue:

  • Space strategist Everett C. Dolman from Air Command and Staff College argues why space as a unique war-fighting domain should have a fully autonomous service dedicated to it.
  • Keith B. Payne, co-founder of the National Public Policy Institute, debates whether a belief in easy deterrence is rational and sensible or simply a fatal flaw in strategic thinking.
  • University of Toronto assistant professor Jon R. Lindsay asks, “Will quantum computing threaten cyber security or will a more concerted effort emerge to counter it?”
  • Air Force physicist Lt. Col. Nathan B. Terry and Air War College assistant professor Paige Price Cone explore whether nuclear armed hypersonic weapons will change the nature of nuclear deterrence.
  • George Mason University’s associate professor A. Trevor Thrall and PhD candidate Jordan Cohen, along with Caroline Dorminey, policy director at Women’s Action for New Directions, assess whether strategic interests and economic considerations override risk assessments in the arms sales decision process.
  • Booz Allen Hamilton consultant Scott Lawless examines the question, “Can the United States secure its interests, maintain liberal legitimacy, and shape the emerging international order toward a stable future?” 
  • We also offer a special memorial tribute to the memory of Colin S. Gray. 

Summer book reviews include Shadows on the Wall: Deterrence and Disarmament by Keith B. Payne and The Future of Strategy by Colin S. Gray.   

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