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Air University Press releases book on theory of air mobility

  • Published
  • Air University Press staff

In Behind the Light Switch: Toward a Theory of Air Mobility, author Col. Derek Salmi introduces a theory of air mobility to assist practitioners and policy makers in analyzing its effectiveness.

Salmi, commander of Air Mobility Command’s 92nd Air Refueling Wing at Fairchild Air Force Base, Wash., presents a model of air mobility incorporating the key airpower and logistical principles of velocity, capacity, attainability and sustainability to illustrate its effects in a campaign.

He examines the role of the five critical factors of freedom of movement—command, control, integrated logistics, technology and training—in assessing the success of air mobility operations.

Salmi also applies the theory’s model and factors to eight case studies ranging from World War II combat operations to recent humanitarian disaster relief efforts, exemplifying the broad air mobility missions set.

Behind the Light Switch: Toward a Theory of Air Mobility is available at the Air University Press website


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