CSAF signs charter for China Aerospace Studies Institute

  • Published
  • By Air University Public Affairs staff report

Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr. recently signed the charter for the Air Force’s China Aerospace Studies Institute, signaling the service’s intent to focus education, awareness and understanding more heavily on China’s growing military threat.

CASI conducts research on Chinese aerospace, to include air-, space-, cyber- and missile-related fields, directly enabling the warfighter’s understanding of Chinese aerospace and strategic thinking.

“By studying ‘everything that flies’ in China, we can better understand decision making, limitations, opportunities and challenges in competition,” Brown articulates in the charter. “CASI serves as the Department of Air Force's premiere center for the study of China and its aerospace capabilities.”

The institute educates the force about Chinese aerospace and engages with communities of interest, including joint and allied partners, defense-related think tanks, academic constituents and other government organizations, as well as the PLA and PRC as applicable.

“Strategic competition with China is the organizing principle for our strategy, plans and systems. Our current initiatives--accelerate change or lose, joint all-domain operations and agile combat employment--are all about being prepared to confront Chinese aggression,” said Dr. Brendan Mulvaney, CASI director. “A foundational understanding of China is a necessary first step to achieve the cross-domain integration and innovation that will be decisive in future conflicts.”

The institute has offices at Air University, Maxwell AFB, and at National Defense University, Fort McNair, Washington, D.C.

“The work and research CASI provides is, and will be, crucial to improving our understanding of China's air, space, and missile Forces,” writes Brown. “Ultimately, CASI's role is to sharpen our competitive mindset.”

CASI is publishing a series of educational videos on China, starting with the inaugural “Competition with China: Laying the Foundation.”

“The video series will provide a comprehensive menu of lessons for Airmen, Guardians and warfighters at all levels to develop a deep understanding of our strategic competition with China,” said Mulvaney. 

 To watch the video or learn more about CASI, visit their website here.