Maxwell Honorary Commanders briefed on pacing threats, national security concerns

  • Published
  • By Mark Gaston
  • Air University Public Affairs

Maxwell Honorary Commanders were updated on current global security issues and strategic economic and military competition with pacing threats at an unclassified intelligence briefing on base, Feb. 28, 2023.

Making civic leaders aware of what keeps military and government leaders up at night is key to developing deeper and more-meaningful partnerships with local communities.

“The success or failure of warfare depends on the will of the American people,” said Col. Brad Ledford, 42nd Mission Support Group commander. “We will fight with and through our community partners to defeat any aggressor. We are committed to preparing our community partners in the River Region for the next fight.”

The intel brief provided insight into both China and America’s advanced technologies, China's cyber capabilities and concerns about its growing space capabilities. The briefing also touched on China’s growing space partnership with Russia.

"The brief presented an opportunity to get the word out to others and help others recognize the importance of not disregarding our security concerns," said Jeremy Jackson, an honorary commander for the 42nd MSG. "We need to be more acutely aware of the little, and unnoticeable, ways [aggressors] influence our population using everyday things around us, potentially weakening our unity and determination." The critical elements of the strategy against the country’s threats are awareness and readiness. Success relies on how well U.S. forces combine with the broad range of allied and partner capabilities and expertise to secure common interests and promote shared values.

"It is essential that we are aware of the potential threats against the U.S.," said Capt. Ryan Allred, with the 42nd Operations Support Squadron and one of the briefers. “The nation’s defense must be more than the military. It calls for our government, local communities, and citizens to prepare for the fight."

Honorary Commanders are appointed from of the local community and who have expressed an interest in military affairs. The Honorary Commanders Program encourages partnerships and friendships between military and civilian leaders, allowing them to share experiences and grow a deeper understanding of civilian and military issues.