CCAF Data Transfer to New Student Information System Complete – Update to Force

  • Published
  • By Brian Ferguson

The Community College of the Air Force data transfer is complete, and students should soon have access to resources previously interrupted by the operational pause announced last year.

Air University began the migration of CCAF data to the AU Student Information System, or AU SIS, on Sept. 30, 2022, estimating the update would take approximately six months, due to the transfer and validation of approximately 260,000 active student records.

“Initial testing in the new AU SIS shows that we can update inbound transcripts at a high success rate, but we are not getting that same rate with graduating students,” Col. Anthony Babcock, Barnes Center for Enlisted Education commander, said Thursday, March 9, 2023. “I expect those success rates to increase; however, we still request patience during this time as we identify the issues and resolve them.”

Over the next few weeks, AU and CCAF staff will test and troubleshoot the system to confirm it is ready for release. Students should only request transcripts when absolutely necessary to allow time for AU to work through the current backlog of transcript requests.

“We want to ensure the SIS functions as it should before we put it out to the force,” Babcock said. “Our Airmen deserve a system that works correctly and meets their needs.”

The AU SIS replaces a dozen decades old semi-autonomous systems that became increasingly difficult to update. It is designed to make it easier for students to check their course progress in real time and less cumbersome for educators to track students’ academic lifecycles.

The current operational pause has prevented CCAF from processing requests for graduation, requests to review student records or requests to process, evaluate or apply credit from submitted transcripts.

“The team at the Community College of the Air Force has been working this issue non-stop to make sure we can provide this incredible benefit for years to come,” Babcock said. “Thank you for your patience and professionalism during this challenging time.”

Personnel can still receive academic guidance and how to best pursue a CCAF degree through their base education service office.

We will continue to update the force as more information becomes available.