‘Prepping the Line’ provides additional resources, training for supervisors

  • Published
  • Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

The Air Force recently released an additional resource targeted to bridge the gap in fundamental education and training for new supervisors prior to assuming the duties of taking care of Airmen.

Prepping the Line focuses on preparing front-line leaders the Air Force needs at every level in accordance with the Major Graded Areas: Executing the Mission, Leading People, Improving the Unit, and Managing Resources.

New supervisors can work with their leadership or trainer to complete the supplemental job qualification standard for supervisory roles, such as progressive motivation and discipline, conducting feedback, writing 1206s, evaluations and much more. This mission-focused resource is also intended to increase connection to the mission and the trust among supervisor-troop relationships.

Understanding all aspects of being a supervisor, such as knowing the helping agencies, allows front-line supervisors to build connections and take care of their Airmen.

"Prepping the Line is about arming Airmen with the skills and knowledge to successfully fill the positions and roles we expect them to assume throughout their career,” said Chief Master Sgt. Joseph Bogdan, enlisted force development division. “It provides Airmen with a guide that lets them collaborate with their supervision to ensure they are prepared for their duties, whether as a supervisor, a (noncommissioned officer in charge) or a flight chief.”

Currently, the JQS is optional; however, the Air Force is looking to implement an apprentice period after graduating from Airman Leadership School, where completing the JQS is required before supervising.

The next phase of Prepping the Line is to identify core managerial competencies, such as manpower, budget, etc. to prepare leaders for noncommissioned officer in charge, section chief and flight chief roles.

"As we release additional job qualification standards for the various positions, we look to integrate the voice of the field,” said Chief Master Sgt. Jalil Samavarchian, enlisted force development division. “Having a live feedback mechanism on the website can help us to continue improving these resources."

For suggestions or recommendations for the supervisor and future JQS, please email AF.A1DI.EFD@us.af.mil.