The unsung heroes keeping operations running cool

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Greydon Furstenau
  • Air University Public Affairs

In the intricate web of tasks that keep Maxwell Air Force Base operational, the 42nd Civil Engineering Squadron stands as the unsung heroes ensuring smooth functionality. Tasked with a broad spectrum of responsibilities from HVAC maintenance to plumbing and electrical work, their vital contributions often operate under the radar yet are indispensable to the base's operations.

Handling an impressive workload of 1,300 to 1,500 work orders monthly, the Civil Engineering squadron serves as the backbone of facility maintenance, crucial for supporting Maxwell and Gunter Annex, which host numerous professional military education schools demanding top-notch infrastructure efficiency.

“As the sweltering heat of summer looms, the demand for cooling solutions escalates,” said Robert Kiddy, 42nd Civil Engineering operations flight chief. “Recently, the squadron's HVAC technicians swiftly responded to multiple outages across the installation by deploying temporary cooling systems, ensuring both comfort and continuity in operations.”

The 42nd CE team remains available 24/7/365 to respond to all emergent needs, emphasizing life, health, and safety as their top priorities—whether it's addressing live power wires down, significant water leaks, or complete HVAC failures.

With oversight of 494 buildings, maintaining efficiency presents a formidable challenge. However, timely reporting of issues by facility occupants proves instrumental in minimizing downtime.

"It starts with you, the Airmen who occupy the facilities. Without your eyes on the ground and your reporting, we wouldn’t be able to effectively do what we do. Facility managers also play a crucial role in helping us with reporting, monitoring, and mitigating issues presented by the occupants," emphasized Mr. Kiddy.

Recognizing the importance of preventative maintenance, the squadron stresses proactive measures to avert major disruptions and costly repairs. Through their dedication and expertise, the 42nd CE team ensures that Maxwell and Gunter Annex remain well-prepared to support their mission at all times.

In a domain where their efforts often remain unseen, 42nd CE embodies the ethos of service and excellence, serving as the silent guardians of operational efficiency.