Safety analysis shows reportable mishaps down for 2008

MAXWELL AIR FORCE BASE, Ala. -- Total reportable mishaps decreased from the previous year for Maxwell-Gunter, while mishaps increased in the categories of Combat Training and Sports and Recreation, according to a 2008 fiscal-year-in-review report by the 42nd Air Base Wing safety office.

A reportable mishap is defined as causing bodily harm that results in one or more lost duty days to either Air Force personnel or on-duty civilian personnel. Also a mishap is reportable if there is damage of $20,000 or more to Air Force property or damage in any amount to non-USAF property or equipment.

Reportable mishaps for 2008 numbered 22 which were down from 38 in 2007. The report said the reduction exceeded the safety office's goal of 75 percent.

The total number of sports and recreation mishaps, both reportable and non-reportable, went from 138 to 184. This category continues to be the leading cause of mishaps at Maxwell-Gunter, the report said. The report said the increase is due to the number of in-residence courses with some form of physical fitness training as well as the continued emphasis on the "fit to fight" program.

There was a drop in the number of reportable mishaps for sports and recreation, which the report attributes to active participation by unit commanders and supervisors in their safety programs.

Combat training mishaps went from six to 21. The report said this increase was due to more emphasis on pre-deployment training and preparation for the operational readiness inspection. Although, the mishaps increased, none were considered reportable.

For private motor vehicle mishaps, the number went from nine to eight, the report said. The report added 2008 was the best year to date for seatbelt usage with a compliance rate of 95 percent.

"Overall, fiscal year 2008 was a good year for the Maxwell-Gunter community in the safety arena," said Roger Anderson, 42nd ABW chief of safety. "We have seen a decrease in the total amount of mishaps, however, we did experience an increase in combat training and sports and recreation mishaps which was primarily due to an increased awareness level in the Maxwell-Gunter community."

When divided into categories, the mishaps were spread evenly across Air University, 42nd ABW, and mission partners, Anderson said.

"The numbers in this report only partially reflect the tremendous energy that commanders and unit safety representatives have put into their unit safety programs," he said. "However, with this energy we did experience a fatality. We need to continue this effort throughout fiscal year 2009 and prevent the next mishap from happening."