ORI starts now, wing inspector general says

MAXWELL AIR FORCE BASE, Ala. -- In the coming days, the 42nd Air Base Wing inspector general will receive a list of "deliverables" from Air Education and Training Command to comply with the upcoming operational readiness inspection.

The list of "deliverables," which requests all types of unit information, are due back 60 days, 45 days, and 30 days prior to the ORI.

Based on the requirements in the 2005 inspection, Lt. Col. Justin Speegle anticipates one "deliverable" will be submitting all published wing, training group, school or college supplements to AETC or AU instructions. These operating instructions will also be one of the most important, and most difficult, to collect, he said.

"In order to inspect us, [the IG team] has to understand how we do our mission and what our standards are -- they use the [operating instructions] to understand our own guidance," Colonel Speegle said. "Some taskings will be as easy as putting together a list of personnel in your office, and some will be as difficult as gathering all OIs, AFI supplements and waivers to higher headquarters guidance.

"Many OIs have been affected by the recent reorganization at Air University, which moved a lot of functions from the individual schools to the center level. Some OIs will no longer apply and need to be rescinded, others will have to be updated to reflect the reorganization and some may have to be completely rewritten. As these processes develop, we need to document them," the colonel said. "The inspectors know the Air Force standards. They want to know how we apply those standards to our own mission."

To facilitate this massive "data grab," Colonel Speegle and Maj. Scott Loller, the deputy chief of 42nd ABW Plans and Programs, have developed a SharePoint site which breaks out the functional area requirements and identifies who is responsible for each item.

"The site is a cradle-to-grave tool," Major Loller said. "From the initial data-grab to submitting reports to viewing the ORI results, all can be accomplished on the SharePoint site."

The site currently contains the FARS from the Maxwell inspection in 2005, as well as inspection requirements from recent and upcoming ORIs at other bases.

Important sections of the site are the "ORI Deliverables" and "FAR List" on the left side of the screen. The "FAR List" is a prediction of the requirements based on our last inspection. It will be updated once the FARs for 2008 are received. The "ORI Deliverables" list key players in the upcoming ORI and will eventually display the results of the inspection.

Several items that AETC has already requested include: all SAV (staff assistance visit) reports for all units since the last inspection; any "best practices" to be submitted for consideration, AU statistics, and about 300 photographs.

"We want to submit lots of best practices but our focus is on compliance" Colonel Speegle said. "If the IG team finds problems, they will keep digging and that won't leave much time to look at our best practices."

The 300 photographs include action photos from each unit, including photos of student-instructor interaction shots. The requirements for photos dictate adequate lighting, no posed photos or shots of physical training, and no pictures with the back of peoples' heads.

Collecting all the FARs may be a challenge, but they serve an important purpose.
"They help the AETC IG team prepare for our inspection, conduct the inspection, write the report and produce the out brief," Colonel Speegle said.