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  • USAF turns 65

    Sept. 18 marks a significant milestone as the Air Force reaches its 65th birthday.In military terms, the Air Force is still a young service. The U.S. Army was founded in June 1775, followed by the Navy and Marines later that same year. A few years later, the U.S. Coast Guard was created in 1790; however the Air Force has made significant strides in
  • Maxwell honor guard relies on units in order to focus on mission

    The Maxwell Honor Guard is on the road most days of the year providing honors for fallen service members in the Southeast. During a four-month rotation, it is common for honor guard members to spend many Saturdays in service dress. With a small team of often-junior Airmen, this alone requires massive amounts of dedication. Add to that the number of
  • Maxwell officer builds historical database

    What started as a solution to an information collection problem six years ago, has grown into a substantial database that documents air power through almost 100 years of conflicts. The database, known as THOR - Theater History of Operations Reports - is the brainchild of Lt. Col. Jenns Robertson, who says the database provides a bigger picture of
  • The Air Force’s Future; A day in the life of an OTS trainee

    Early in the morning at Maxwell Air Force Base, reveille breaks the silence, kicking off a day full of challenges and new experiences for an Officer Training School trainee.Within minutes, the future officers hustle to get dressed and formed up for physical training. Rare moments of silence are broken by the barks of the military training
  • CCAF Turns 40

    Recently the Community College of the Air Force hosted an open house honoring the college's 40th anniversary. The CCAF concept evolved in the early 1970s as a means of gaining recognition for Air Force training. Led by Lt. Gen. George B. Simler, commander of Air Training Command, Air Force visionaries recognized the need to enhance the skills of
  • Military firefighters assigned to Maxwell first time in 11 years

    The first of 13 newly assigned firefighting Airmen arrived here May 11.Airman 1st Class Jeffrey Brown reported for work at the Maxwell-Gunter Fire Emergency Services last week. The Detroit native represents the first of 13 Airmen arriving over the summer who will be filling vacant civilian positions that were recently converted to active-duty
  • Maxwell's Airman's Attic provides free items to Airmen and their families

    Airmen helping Airmen is a way of life for those who call Maxwell Air Force Base their home. Maxwell's Airman's Attic, located in building 914 on South Arnold Street, is an example of this tradition, by providing free items, from clothing to electronics, to enlisted Airmen E-6 and below, and their families. "Our purpose is to give back to military
  • Women's roles evolved - Women make an impact on military history

    Within the time span it took for women in television to transform from the female stereotypes portrayed on "I Love Lucy" to the more modern, late-century version found on "Murphy Brown," women in the U.S. Air Force were making strides that far outpaced their Hollywood counterparts.By the end of World War II, women were fully incorporated into the
  • WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH: Instructor overcame obstacles on way to career

    For some people, their careers are a calling, something bigger than themselves."I love education so much," said Dr. Pat Maggard. "Education saved my life."Someone once told her, "Dwell within the beauty of your own possibility," and she has taken that to heart. Education empowered her, and she believes through education, others can find what
  • AF spouse, civilian employee makes difference

    Providing comfort to the grieving has always been a concern for this Air Force spouse.Christine Bushby said she always knew she wanted to be a funeral director, saying that as a member of a large family, she spent a lot of time going to funerals and weddings. She learned consideration and compassion are important for families when someone dies.She