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  • Inspector General is here to help

    Air University Inspector General Col. James Powell said the function of the Inspector General Complaint Resolution Program is sometimes misunderstood. Servicemembers sometimes think that the IG will fix all their problems, but that's not entirely true. IGs are actually sworn to be fair, impartial and objective fact-finders and problem solvers. "The
  • Maxwell deployment programs support Airmen, families

    As the Air Force deployment tempo continues to surge forward, Airmen and families stationed at Maxwell have a variety of programs providing assistance during each phase of a deployment. "As the military continues to transform to meet unexpected and uncertain missions, the components of military family support must also change to meet the evolving
  • ASBC students learn warfighting skills

    Learning the skills necessary to operate in an expeditionary environment is now part of the curriculum for new Air Force lieutenants attending Air and Space Basic Course at Maxwell, said Capt. James Ware of the ASBC Retool Office. "A catch phrase would be, 'gaining the mindset of warrior ethos,' and that is what the students learn from their ASBC
  • Camp gives opportunity for fun, games, learning

    "It's another great year at Camp Sunshine," Chan Gamble, camp organizer and Boy Scout representative, said on the second day of this year's event. He noted between 50 and 70 first-grade through fifth-grade boys participated, and 32 people from Maxwell-Gunter volunteered to be camp counselors. The program ran from July 13 to July 17, and most events
  • Airman's Attic seeks volunteers

    The Maxwell-Gunter Airman's Attic, a source where technical sergeants and below can acquire needed items for the home and family at no charge, is looking for volunteers, according to director Angelica Orlando."If you enjoy good company and working for a good cause, come and spend some time with us," she said. "You can set your own volunteer
  • Instructor, students reunite at combined ops

    Life has had its "ups and downs" for Master Sgt. Michael Sanders over the last few years, but his assignment to the Senior NCO Academy's Class 09-D at Gunter has proven to be one of the "ups."From 2004 to 2007, Sergeant Sanders was one of a select group of senior NCOs who participated in the Reserve Officer Training Corps Enlisted Instructor
  • SNCOA Condition Limited program keeps injured Airmen fit

    Instructors at Barnes Center's Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy are using their "condition limited" program to help students on profiles exercise safely and stay fit. When Senior Master Sgt. Robert "Bob" Orsi came to the SNCOA as an instructor a year ago, he was on profile with a knee injury which made it impossible for him to run.Sergeant
  • Maxwell-Gunter libraries host summer reading programs

    Many parents are wondering how to keep their children busy doing something constructive. Nothing seems to beat good old fashioned reading or for very young children, being read to.  Summer reading programs are a great way to provide children regular opportunities to read books, play games and other fun activities, and listen to stories. While
  • Give Dad the gift of health for Father's Day

    Does dad really need another tie this Father's Day?  This year, instead of giving dad something traditional, consider giving him the gift of health by encouraging him to make changes that will add years to his life and life to his years.  It is well established that men are not big fans of visiting their doctor for routine health matters and
  • SNCOA equips leaders with model Physical Training program

    The Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy's recently updated Physical Training program provides students and instructors with the skills and knowledge they need to promote Air Force level fitness in their units. The value and impact of this program is spreading Air Force wide, as senior enlisted leaders from across the country and around the world