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  • Every dog or cat has his month

    (Editor's note: This article is written from a dog's perspective to emphasize the importance of animal care and safety.)I just learned October is National Pet Safety Awareness Month. I wonder if this is why people dress up funny at the end of the month. It must be.I wish I could eat the sweet smelling stuff in colorful packages the kids collect in
  • Moroccan officer following in his father's footsteps

    Walking the halls of International Officer School, Capt. Nabil Saihi appears to have stepped back in time, as he scans the walls for a photograph of his father.Following in past footsteps, Saihi, an officer in the Royal Moroccan Air Force, is attending IOS and then Squadron Officer School at Maxwell, just as his father, Ahmed Saihi, did three
  • Holm Center leader credits CAP, JROTC for AF career

    There comes a time in everyone's life when they must choose a route that will prove most beneficial to their pursuit of happiness. Trade school, four-year college or immediate entry into the work force are common avenues. However, others sometimes look toward the sky for inspiration, outlining their routes underneath the clouds.Brigadier Gen.
  • Airman makes a splash while giving back to community

    Military members find many ways to be involved in their communities--some volunteer to clean schools, build homes or visit elderly veterans, while others might use life experiences to mentor youth.In 2011, Lance Thornton, then a Buffalo (N.Y.) State College student-athlete, hung up his goggles and swimwear to join the Air Force and eventually
  • HAWC classes improve Airmen’s health, lives

    Helping Airmen make healthier choices, the Better Body Better Life classes at Maxwell's Health and Wellness Center are aiding Airmen in losing unwanted weight after the program's initial launch in March.Designed by the Air Force Medical Operations Agency, the discussion-based, three-part class focuses on food portions, meal plans, calorie counting,
  • Clubs support Airmen’s spouses

    Spouses at Maxwell are offering a Southern welcome this month to new officer and enlisted spouses making Montgomery their home.Both the Maxwell-Gunter Officers' Spouses' Club and the Maxwell-Gunter Enlisted Spouses Club are reaching out to new and seasoned husbands and wives of Air Force members to help them make connections and lasting
  • Public Affairs Center of Excellence enables Airmen to share the Air Force story

    Educating Airmen on telling their story, and the broader Air Force story, is part of the mission of the United States Air Force Public Affairs Center of Excellence.Established in 1998, PACE instructors provide public affairs-related education and training through the continuum of both officer and enlisted professional military education.Through the
  • IDS helps families stay strong through illnesses, struggles

    Nine pills in one hand, a glass of pop in the other, she was on the verge of swallowing death.Screams from her husband stopped LaTonya Lewis from committing suicide. Military OneSource and months of therapy helped heal the aftermath.Stronger now to cope with the illnesses that almost cost her her life, Lewis, Maxwell's community support
  • Local Women's Army Corps, Air Force retiree turns 100

    During World War II, more than 150,000 women enlisted in the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) and the Women's Army Corps (WAC). Despite the initial difficulty the Army and the American public had accepting the notion of women in uniformed service, these women would honorably serve their nation in a variety of enlisted positions from telephone
  • Container gardens: A practical option this time of year

    Summers in the South mean high temperatures and dry soil, but a July climate does not have to stop those at Maxwell from turning their yards into lush landscapes with colorful garden containers, according to Jane McCarthy, base horticulturist and director of Maxwell's greenhouses and landscapes."It's hard to start things in July. We're on the cusp