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  • Strategic Joint Wargame Challenges Future Leaders Ability to Think Multidimensional

    The 34th annual Joint Land, Air and Sea Strategic Special Program, or JLASS-SP, is part of a six-day event that is the culmination of a seven-month elective, designed to provide participants an opportunity to develop and implement their own regional strategies against realistic problems. These includes nation-state military aggression, non-state sponsored cyber-attacks, weapons of mass destruction proliferation and humanitarian suffering.
  • Step up: Don’t be afraid to be a Mitchell, Doolittle, or Arnold

    The U.S. Air Force is sitting at a nexus in which the world is becoming increasingly dangerous and complex, and our nation is asking us to do things that keep us busier now than ever before, yet we have fewer people now than at any point in our history—just over a third of what we had in the 1950s!  To meet these challenges, American military
  • The return of Tactical Air Command and Military Airlift Command

    The Air Force made history this year by resurrecting two of its historical major air commands, the Tactical Air Command and the Military Airlift Command, Sept. 26 and Oct. 1, 2016.The historical commands were active from the 1940’s until 1992. They were made active again by consolidating them with two existing commands, the Air Combat Command and
  • Remembering the Holocaust

    Dr. Robert Kane, is the Air University Historian and the grandson of Jewish immigrants from Ukraine.
  • Pregnancy in the military

    NAUSEA SUCKS! Oh and by the way I'm pregnant and it's my worst pregnancy.Honestly, being pregnant can be a blessing for those who don't experience the many symptoms of morning sickness, back aches and swollen ankles, but for others like me, it can be a nightmare experiencing these symptoms.I think one of the hardest parts about being pregnant is
  • African American History Month

    Throughout the history of the United States, African Americans have significantly contributed to the rich heritage and culture of this country in all areas of society.  Since 1976, the United States has celebrated their contributions to the history and heritage of this nation.  This special observance began as "Negro History Week" by historian
  • Glenn Miller past and present

    It was December 1942, and the United States had been at war for a year.  To help ease the pain of war department telegrams and empty places at the Christmas table that year, Captain Glenn Miller, a well-known musician and band leader, was now in the uniform of the U.S. Army Air Forces (AAF) and assigned to Maxwell Field, gave a concert to Maxwell
  • At the top of Santa's list, small-unmanned aircraft systems

    It's getting near to the time of year when we may be shopping for young ones and those young at heart.  On the top of the list for many will be small-unmanned aircraft systems or other remote controlled aircraft.  The technology is fantastic these days allowing control by smart phones and tablets.  The commercial industry is even taking advantage
  • Celebrating National American Indian Heritage Month

    During November, Americans will celebrate National American Indian Heritage Month. This year's theme is "Growing Native Leaders:  Enhancing our Severn Generations."  On November 11, Americans also celebrate Veteran's Day.  Through these two observances, Americans can celebrate not only the significant contributions of American Indians and Alaska
  • Halloween and oral health

    The kids plan for it. They talk about it. They pick out their costumes and candy well in advance ... it's Halloween! The holiday changes many parents' normal, daily food routines for their families and gives adults permission to snack on their kids' candy after they have gone to bed.  All this sugar consumption causes a silent war in our