Carley holds first commander’s call for ‘Team 4-2’

Carley holds first commander’s call for ‘Team 4-2’

Col. Patrick Carley, 42nd Air Base Wing commander, addresses the wing’s Airmen during his first commander’s call Aug. 10, 2018, on Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama. In addition to introducing himself to the wing, Carley shared some of his priorities and expectations for ‘Team 4-2.’ (U.S. Air Force photo by William Birchfield)


The 42nd Air Base Wing’s new commander laid out his vision to the unit’s Airmen during his first commander’s call Aug. 10, 2018, at Squadron Officer School’s Polifka Auditorium.

Col. Patrick Carley shared his priorities and expectations for “Team 4-2,”emphasizing the importance of “old fashioned” communication in today’s Air Force.

“I believe that electronic communication has a place in transferring information and allowing others to be aware of what’s going on,” he said. “But when it comes time to solve problems, to tackle a mission or to come up with new ideas, my opinion is that most of the time we rely on electronic communication too much. We don’t pick up the phone, we don’t walk down the hall or drive across the base to sit in someone’s office to talk through that issue or that problem.”

To reinforce his point and encourage face-to-face communication, Carley shared a quote from retired Gen. Ronald Fogleman, former Air Force chief of staff.

“To become successful leaders,” Carley said, quoting Fogleman, “we must first learn that no matter how good the technology or how shiny the equipment, people-to-people relations gets things done in our organizations. People are the assets that determine our success or failure.’”

Additionally, Carley shared a new opportunity available for wing Airmen. Named “Brains and Brawn,” and open to enlisted members in the ranks of technical sergeant and below and to officers in the ranks of captain and below, the initiative gives participants the opportunity to earn a pass for one day.  

To get the pass, Airmen must beat his official Air Force physical fitness score of 96.3 (no exemptions) and give a five-minute briefing about leadership, military history or current affairs through their leadership.

While Carley has spent his first several weeks diving into the mission and challenges of the various units of Team 4-2, he said that he has more Airmen to meet and learn from across the wing.

“I’m really looking forward to getting across the wing and across the installation and meeting more of the incredible Airmen we have here,” Carley said. “Team 4-2 is an incredible organization that makes things happen every day and every night, 24-7, across Maxwell-Gunter. Thank you very much for what you do.”