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  • CALT graduates first blind student

    The sound of hands clapping echoes off the walls of the small auditorium as a gentleman makes his way up to the front of the room to receive his graduation certificate. He searches for the hand of Col. Patricia Hoffman, Jeanne M. Holm Center vice commander, who is waiting to congratulate him on a job well done. The gentleman's name is Joseph
  • Sharing the heart of Europe

    Guests gather around First White House of Confederacy receptionist, Eva Newman as she tells the stories of the house. Her bright blue eyes light up with excitement at the chance to share her knowledge of the house and its role in the Civil War. She wears a bright welcoming smile and her patriotism shines through as she speaks, however, a strong
  • Chester McBride: a true wingman

    Phillips Brooks, the American Episcopal clergyman who authored "O Little Town of Bethlehem," said, "Character may be manifested in the great moments, but it is made in the small ones."The quote from a renowned Christian lyricist mirrors the life of Air Force Special Agent Chester McBride, killed in action Dec. 21, 2015."We had heard on the news
  • Juggling enlisted life and advanced education

    Now a Ph.D., Chief Master Sergeant Jackie-Lynn Brown recalls her mother pecking away, key by key, on an old, manual typewriter at the dinner table.  She remembers her saying, "We can be 10 years older and have our degree or we can be 10 years older and not have it." It was her mother's words of wisdom many years ago and the opportunities afforded
  • Campaign behind the hat

    During a push to gain military training instructors, then Staff Sgt. Chi Yi, found himself dawning the under-the-brim stare that welcomed him to Lackland Air Force Base years before.The former vehicle operations specialist accepted the challenge of molding future Airmen, an ambition of his since joining the Air Force."I was nervous my first day of
  • Maxwell Airman debuts in stage production

    The bright lights illuminate the stage as Capt. James Scott, Holm Center Curriculum Directorate Field Leadership chief, reads off his lines. He had a growing curiosity in theatre and finally decided to dive right into it, however, his inexperience as an actor made him nervous, but he proved to be a born natural.Scott will debut in his first
  • Maxwell Airmen use common interest to help others

    The winding roads led further and further into the country, where the dense forest lines the road like a tunnel. Suddenly the smooth pavement turned into a narrow and rough dirt road. Finally a clearing appears and reveals a small house hidden quietly away behind miles of trees. The faded brown paint and overgrown grass suggests the house is old
  • Airman pedals with purpose

    The idea started in 2005, after Jody Hershbine's return from an 11-month tour in Iraq. His struggle to return to normality and transition from a deployed environment back to life at home led him to spend quiet moments riding his bicycle."I needed to kind of get my head back in the game, so I did a short ride from Birmingham to Chicago to spend some
  • Guard couple juggles military life, share command

    Recently, an Air National Guard officer took command of the Air Force Officer Training School's Detachment 12 here from another Guard officer. While that may not seem strange, what is unusual is the fact that the former and new commanders have 23 years of history together.On July 16, Lt. Col. Loralie Rasmussen assumed command of the detachment from
  • Maxwell hosts African representatives on Department of State tour

    World leaders understand that building partnerships prevents conflict and enables a quicker response to instability, but the mission of building those partnerships extends past the Department of Defense.Often, by supporting building partnership capacity initiatives, one of the Air Force's core functions, military personnel find their units hosting