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  • N.M. AFJROTC cadets soar to space

    "How cool! You can see the curvature of the earth!" is a comment repeated by students ranging from 4th grade to high school seniors in the Albuquerque Public School District while viewing images and examining their real-world science results.This is the reaction APS and the Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps unit at Valley High School
  • Maxwell RCC serves, cares for wounded Airmen

    Taking care of Maxwell's wounded, ill and injured service members one step at a time is Tim Griggs' mission as the  42nd Medical Group recovery care coordinator.Recovery care coordinators are assigned to the seriously wounded, ill or injured and provide personalized support for them and their families, smoothing the transition either back to full
  • A box of hope

    In a room where future military leaders take a break from their studies, decorated with memorabilia of those who have carved out their niche in military history, sits a box.  Seemingly out of place at first, but its purpose fits right in with the values displayed by the men and women who walk these halls.The box was left here by Ali Munshi and
  • Airmen A2D2 volunteers save lives

    We have all heard the messages ... "If you are going to drink, have a plan." "Driving drunk can cost you more than a career."Each year, Airmen are exposed to briefings from supervisors and Airman Against Drunk Driving volunteers emphasizing the need to have a plan when going out on the town."Call us and we will come take you home, no questions
  • Airmen pay respect to local veterans on Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day has come and past, and whether you believe the day represents a chance to profess your love for someone special or a marketing ploy to guilt consumers into spending money, there is no denying the holiday is big business.However, a group of Airmen from Maxwell-Gunter used the holiday to pay respect to local veterans at the Montgomery
  • Air War College JPME—Building the joint warfighter

    In 1946, the War Department established Air War College with a mission of educating officers to serve as strategic national security leaders.As the senior Air Force professional military school, AWC's vision is to be the foremost college for air, space and cyberspace education and thought - preparing the world's best joint-strategic leaders.The
  • Raising the score

    "Ten minutes!" yelled the physical training test evaluators into the cold January air as Airmen pushed out the last stretch of the 1.5 mile run to make it to the finish line.  One after the other, they cross the line with relief and satisfaction on their faces. Another physical training test completed and passed.How the PT test is perceived and
  • AWC professor from Japan finds the American dream at Maxwell

    His small office is stacked high with books. A shelf spans the length of the wall and is filled with books of all kinds. In the midst of all the clutter is Dr. Nori Katagiri, his face illuminated by the bluish light coming from his computer screen. When he speaks, his friendliness and intelligence is apparent, but his heritage also shines through.
  • Maxwell-Gunter Annex Airman and Family Readiness Center provides Airmen guidance and support

    The Maxwell-Gunter Annex Airman and Family Readiness Center offers free services and guidance to Airmen and their families that they might not have access to otherwise.Among the services provided are financial counseling, employment assistance, volunteer sources, information referral and marketing as well as personal wellness."Outside of the
  • Maxwell Airman presents trophy at Talladega

     Forty-three cars zoomed around the track, getting faster with each of the 188 laps.  The crowd roared in excitement and went wild when their favorite driver advanced in the race, but their cheers couldn't be heard over the deafening roar of the engines.  They watched in awe when cars collided, leaving the smell of rubber and gasoline in the