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Default Air Force Logo Heart Disease - What You Need to Know
A healthy heart beats about 100,000 times and pumps 2,000 gallons of blood each day. It can pump 20 quarts a minute and even more during strenuous exercise. In a normal lifetime, your heart will beat 2,500,000,000 (2.5 billion) times -- amazing! Clearly, the development of heart disease presents a serious risk to quality and quantity of life.
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Default Air Force Logo Community 'beat cops' become pillar of base defense
Red and blue lights reflect in the rearview mirror. Sighing, thoughts of speeding cross the mind. Maybe it was the stop sign we didn't fully stop at. These are the thoughts most of us conjure up when we think of "security forces." If not that, then perhaps the iconic image of an entry controller posted at the gate during the morning drive to work.
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Default Air Force Logo Air Force acquisition success measured by customer success
In the 42nd Contracting Squadron our goal is to exceed our customers' expectations and their mission requirements. We are making massive strides in reaching our goal, however, in order to continue making these great strides we need "you," our customer, to assist in two very important areas.First, obtain contacting assistance early in the planning
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Default Air Force Logo From basic to command chief, AF experience brings rewards
The journey from the heart of Alabama to the top of the Air Force's enlisted ranks has been an exciting and rewarding trip. Departing Orrville, Ala., in 1981 carried me from a place and time where doctor's offices as late as 1979 still hung antiquated signs separating patients by race. The entryways of at least one restaurant had yet to remove an
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Default Air Force Logo How have you contributed to American citizenship?
As I ponder the thought of citizenship, I can almost hear the voices of our ancestors, voices seeking a listening ear; echoing words of freedom, justice and equality. An ear to hear their cry of acceptance, the hope of receiving a fair shake, an opportunity to prove their worth without being ridiculed or enslaved. What our forefathers sought was
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Default Air Force Logo SACS visit continues long tradition of peer review
In 1946, Lt. Gen. Muir Fairchild, the first Air University commander, undertook the mission to establish the world's finest professional military education institution for the study and advancement of Airpower. General Fairchild and his faculty knew their stuff; he was an air combat veteran of two world wars and had helped develop and implement the
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Default Air Force Logo Conquering resistance to change
"Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become" (Unknown). Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century events have often generated the need for organizational change. We all understand that change must occur in order to progress and leaders are charged with creating an environment that promotes
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Despite temperatures in the teens, nearly two million people attended the inauguration of President Barack Obama at the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday. Attendees watched the inauguration on jumbo monitors along the National Mall between the Capitol and the Washington Monument. (Air Force photo by Scott Knuteson) Presidential Inauguration: Witness to History
I now know what is meant by a "sea of people." Tuesday, standing with millions of others along the two mile long park known affectionately as "America's front yard," I tried to comprehend the enormity of the crowd surrounding me on the National Mall. Members of the Boy and Girl Scouts of America roamed the Mall handing out small American flags.
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Default Air Force Logo Following the dream ... today and the day after
The time has come once again to celebrate the vision and dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. During the month of January, we gather to remember what then seemed "a voice crying in the wilderness." How could America of that time transition to the America of the dream? Was Dr. King a man born before his time? Was the dream really possible, or was it
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Default Air Force Logo Follow these strategies to prevent holiday stress, illness
A holiday stress prevention strategy is key to avoiding the pitfalls of holiday stress. This may be especially true if the holiday season has taken an emotional toll in previous years. Some practical tips can help minimize negative stress and enhance the positive stressors often associated with the holiday season. Strategies to head off holiday
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