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  • Pharmacists help patients get the most out of medicines

    Pharmacists do much more than just put medicines in a bottle. They are experts on benefits, side effects, warnings and interactions of medicines. Discussing medicines with a pharmacist is important for good health. Not everyone knows, for example, that an instruction such as "three times daily" usually means to take the prescription approximately
  • Standards top inspector general’s list

    After reviewing multiple Operational Readiness Inspection reports from across Air Education and Training Command, I have observed the very first item on the ORI list is standards. The inspector general team comes to report on our readiness, not specifically to inspect customs and courtesies or dress. But if violations are observed in those areas,
  • Operational readiness field exercises don’t match real world

    "I just came back from the theater, and we didn't do things like this. So, why are we exercising this way?" This is a common complaint following a unit contingency operations exercise. Gen. George S. Patton Jr. summed it up best when he said, "A pint of sweat will save a gallon of blood." However, to fully understand the answer requires one to
  • Leadership: Influence those around you

    Leadership is a subject addressed in a myriad of venues by professionals at all levels. However, the discussions can be boiled down to a simple and concise phrase: the ability to influence. How can we tell if we are effective? Although the possible answers to this question are endless, I'll offer a few simple suggestions here. Eliminate the "that's
  • Physical training requires a personal push

    It is a simple task to mandate physical training three times per week. Our Air Force gives leadership legal authority to dictate a show time, minimum program elements (strength, cardio) and minimum duration of our workouts. The Uniform Code of Military Justice provides tools to maintain discipline if necessary. All of these things are relatively
  • Staying safe in the real world

    It's no secret. We're flying some old airplanes. In fact, aging airplanes continue to consume much of our attention. We are currently replacing the wing boxes on our C-130s, first delivered in 1956. Late last year, we grounded our F-15Cs, first delivered in 1974, after one literally broke apart in the sky. And more recently, we have focused on the