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  • The Sponge Principle

    During the 25 years I spent on active duty in this wonderful Air Force, and even now as a civilian, I have found one enduring principle that continues to override all others. I call it "The Sponge Principle." It applies to everyone, young and old, Airman Basic to General. By following it, you keep yourself open to new experiences and knowledge.I
  • Lorenz on Leadership – Motivation

    These are challenging times for our Air Force. We have been engaged in combat operations since 1990 and are balancing limited resources against an aggressive operations tempo. We are once again adjusting to maintain our authorized end strength while juggling priorities within a leveling budget. Many of our aircraft are beyond expected service lives
  • A 'Commitment to Caring' with our Air Force Assistance Fund

    Given the current economic climate, it goes without saying that many people are making difficult decisions, cutting back on spending and foregoing anything but the bare essentials. That can mean hard choices when considering making charitable donations. If you're a regular or occasional contributor to good causes, you might be seriously curtailing
  • Writing Women into History: Ms. Christine Prewitt, Chief Shelia Knox

    "Writing Women Back into History," the theme of this year's Women's History Month, affords us an opportunity to focus on individuals who are currently making history at Maxwell-Gunter. Two of these, Ms. Christine Prewitt, deputy commander of the 42nd Mission Support Group, and Chief Shelia Knox, superintendent for the 42nd MSG, make an exceptional
  • Writing Women into History: Col. Laura Koch

    The theme of this year's Women's History Month, "Writing Women Back into History," affords us an opportunity to focus on individuals who are making history at Maxwell-Gunter. Col. Laura J. Koch, the Air Force Officer Training School commander, is an individual dedicated to molding new officers to meet the challenges of the future.Many of the new
  • National Dental Assistants Appreciation Week

    Despite being far removed from the setting of dental school, I have vivid memories of its difficulties. Few of those memories are more prominent than that of not having an assistant. Each dental student was responsible for being the secretary, assistant and dentist all in one. Every day that I've had an assistant to facilitate, I have been
  • Eating an Elephant

    Ok, I'll admit two of the things I love most in life are fitness and money. Not necessarily in that order, but they both are high on my list. Unfortunately it seems they are also the hardest to attain. They share many commonalities, but one thing is certain, you can't just wake up one morning and be fit, and unless you're a lottery winner, you
  • Making a difference, one leader at a time: Brig. Gen. Teresa Djuric

    "Writing Women Back into History," the theme of this year's Women's History Month, affords us an opportunity to focus on individuals who are currently making history at Maxwell-Gunter.The first of these, Brig. Gen. Teresa Djuric, commander of the Jeanne M. Holm Center for Officer Accessions and Citizen Development, exemplifies the difference a
  • Lorenz on Leadership -- The solid foundation

    Our Air Force has more than 175,000 civilian employees spread across the globe. In fact, they make up more than 25 percent of our authorized Total Force end strength. The civilian force fills an ever-increasing role in daily mission accomplishment, especially as we've experienced personnel reductions over the past 20 years and, many would argue, no
  • Lorenz on Leadership -- A dynamic tradition

    Our Air Force has many traditions. Some we inherited from other services; others are more recent and will take time to fully develop. Traditions are positive things, deeply rooted in our heritage and pride. Traditions are things we don't easily give up.One of our traditions, however, isn't often recognized as "positive" and doesn't get the applause