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  • Lorenz on Leadership -- Jessica's legacy

    There are certain times in our lives where a single moment or significant event causes us to pause . . . and reflect. These moments can catch us after both happy times and sad - after accomplishments of our own or those of others. Sometimes they catch us off guard, by surprise. More often, though, these moments sit out in front of us . . . and we
  • Lorenz on Leadership -- Spotting disasters

    "I can hear that train coming down the tracks." If you're like me, then you've heard people use this analogy to describe an inbound issue or challenge. We all face challenges each and every day -- they are nothing new. The challenges range in significance and in ability to impact our organizations. Although the potential challenges do have unique
  • ‘Tis the season for family and friends’

    As a young officer, I spent many long hours working and have deployed several times. I have always enjoyed my job and didn't mind because it was part of accomplishing the mission. I have always taken pride in belonging to something that was bigger than me.Of course my focus on the mission hasn't changed, but something I heard often as a young
  • Model safe drinking for Thanksgiving

    The holiday season offers the perfect opportunity for parents to communicate with their children about drinking alcohol.Children who live in homes where alcohol is not the primary focus of holiday get-togethers may be less likely to grow up thinking that drinking is the key ingredient to having a good time. Parents should keep in mind that children
  • Awareness key to preventing fraud

    Billions in taxpayers' dollars are lost annually to fraud, waste and abuse within the Department of Defense. As a result, the public has lost confidence in our ability to be effective stewards of appropriated funds, which has resulted in a reduction of buying power for equipment, facilities, etc. Fraud can be committed by anyone and unfortunately
  • Change may save a little pain and add more years

    Poison ivy and poison sumac! If you have never had either one ... you will never know the sheer torture those four words represent. As a child I was a poison ivy and poison sumac magnet. We played outdoors all summer long, climbed trees that were covered with poison sumac, and went through weeds filled with poison ivy. Now all this might not have
  • Opportunities, Chances, Challenges

    Opportunities present themselves in so many ways ... whether we are looking for them or not. My first big opportunity came in the form of a lottery. Not the kind that would have made me a millionaire, but one that would change my life forever. Thirteen years ago, this lottery offered my family the chance to emigrate from Nigeria to the United
  • Lorenz on Leadership - Cherish Your Spouse

    Just last week, while walking past the base chapel, I witnessed a scene that caused me to pause and reflect. I turned and watched as people, dressed in their Sunday best, flowed from the chapel doors, smiling and casually chatting. They slowly split into two lines, creating a path that led to a waiting limousine. The crowd stood and waited, fueling
  • ‘What are your goals?’

    Oftentimes, we get so busy with our day-to-day lives that we forget to see the bigger picture and lose sight of things. For me personally, I find setting goals to be a helpful way for me to focus on what is important in both my personal and professional life. Our short-term goals are often stepping stones to long-term goals. Taking time to
  • Standards and discipline ... critical to mission success

    Standards and discipline play an important role in mission accomplishment. Ask yourself how can we effectively accomplish the mission if we don't comply with mandated Air Force and DoD standards? If we don't follow the rules, we simply put ourselves in trouble all the time, and certainly won't be able to take care of our people and certainly won't