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  • Biomedical Sciences Corps Week: Celebrating a proud heritage

    Although the Biomedical Sciences Corps is a relatively new entity in the grand scheme of military history, in some ways it has ancient roots. The BSC insignia of a serpent-entwined rod, also known as the "Staff of Asklepios," has been a symbol of healing and medicine ever since the year 300 BCE. Greek mythology holds that Asklepios was a god
  • Building real partnerships: How LEAP helped me create mutually beneficial relationships between U.S., German Airmen

    In a world of increasing threats and decreasing budgets, the ability to effectively work with our partner nations is critical. This skill set must be learned, and it must be practiced. The Language Enabled Airman Program is one way the Air Force is ensuring Airmen have this ability. LEAP is a career-spanning program that develops and reinforces
  • The value of being an Air Force instructor

    If there is something that the last three years of instructor duty have taught me, it's that teaching people new things is not as easy as it looks. Being an instructor can be a tough job and oftentimes frustrating. But I've also learned that being an instructor is an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling role, which is why I believe instructor duty
  • 2014: A year for trust and values

    Amidst New Year resolutions come opportunities to transform one's self: to improve, remake and revise. These offerings are also true for institutions such as the United States Air Force. As announced by Air Force Chief of Staff General Mark A. Welsh III, budget realities make changes in force structure a certainty for 2014. As exciting as new
  • 'Tis the Season of (Ethical) Giving

    The holiday season is upon us, and some Air Force personnel may wish to exchange gifts in the office. Also, during this same time, some personnel are on the move -- bound for their next duty station, some retiring, some resigning. You will sincerely miss some of them and you may want to give them a gift as a token of your appreciation. This short
  • Learning Leadership from Santa

    Santa's mission is simple: spread good cheer and make people happy. Simple enough, right? Oh, if it were only so. Upon reflection, the problem statement involved with such an endeavor is daunting: multiple time zones, a narrow window of execution, extreme weather conditions, dealing with reindeer and elves (little people), personalized merchandise,
  • Q-Matic ticket system expedites pharmacy operations

    The goals of the Maxwell pharmacy are to provide safe and timely medication education and distribution to all eligible beneficiaries. We process 7,000-9,000 prescriptions weekly using the Q-Matic ticket system, which prioritizes prescription requests based on patient category. There are five options to choose from on the Q-Matic screen: (a) active
  • Do you know what’s happening inside your mouth?

    Picture this: You're enjoying a relaxing vacation on a sunny beach and, out of nowhere, you experience excruciating pain inside your mouth. Now you're thinking, "What am I going to do? It's the weekend. I'm on vacation, and I surely don't want this toothache to ruin it, but it's too painful to ignore. I'm going to have to find a dentist." So, now
  • Good intentions and misguided authority

    Authority is a two-edged sword: One cannot lead without it; one cannot lead relying exclusively upon it. Novitiate leaders lean heavily upon position and rank as the basis for their authority. Given time and experience, good leaders expand their authority base through experience, education, relationships, and influence. Hence, as leaders gain skill
  • Fueled by innovation? We've got some thinking to do

    Albert Einstein said, "We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them." Think about it.In January 2013, Chief of Staff of the Air Force Gen. Mark Welsh III released a new vision for the Air Force: The World's Greatest Air Force ... Powered by Airmen, Fueled by Innovation. Placing the word "innovation" within this