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  • Honoring the fallen a personal obligation of reverence, respect

    Paying respect to fallen military veterans is a personal obligation and one that signifies reverence for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to pay for the freedoms we enjoy each day. Recently, and with mixed emotions, I had the honor of joining others in escorting the remains of two military veterans who passed away due to wounds received
  • Care for others, but care for yourself too

    April 4, 2008, my sister awoke for the last time to a world that had not always treated her with kindness. We were two weeks shy of her 31st birthday and six weeks shy of a family wedding ... my wedding. April 4 would be the last day I would see her. It would be the last day her six sons would see her. In the wake of what had become a lifetime of
  • Family fitness: We’re in this together

    Gone are the days when families would spend afternoons and weekends walking and riding bicycles outdoors. Today, it seems you must look indoors to find people, or they are usually found seated with some type of device, whether watching a television or with a game console or tablet in hand. The result of this lifestyle shift for adults and children
  • Investing in military education: The strategic arm of professional development

    At a time when every dollar counts, the Air Force continues to spend scarce resources to send thousands of captains every year to Squadron Officer School. With flying hours slashed, we are prioritizing eight-week TDYs to Maxwell instead of converting JP-8 into thrust, lift and airpower.Can SOS really be worth that kind of prioritized investment?
  • Team Maxwell welcomes AETC inspection team

    The men and women of Air University and the 42nd Air Base Wing welcome the Air Education and Training Command inspection team.We are glad to have the team here and we are eager to show them our programs and the tremendous work we've put into our diverse and unique operational missions. Collectively, we are mission-ready Airmen who operate a
  • Wife of Air Force chief of staff visits base: hosts key spouse luncheon

    When the word came that Betty Welsh, wife of Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh, had arrived Aug. 15 at the Maxwell Club 10 minutes ahead of schedule, Debby Ramsey, wife of the 42nd Air Base Wing Vice Commander Col. Mark Ramsey, and I hustled to our positions at the front door to officially greet her.But instead of welcoming Welsh to the
  • Exercise safety at the fuel pump

    The signs are there for all to see, staring down the patron at the pump, begging to be seen ... and yet completely ignored by many. The signs are there for the patron's safety, reminding them of things to avoid while at the pump, things that ought to be pretty common sense, such as not having an open flame, like a lighter or a cigarette, near fuel
  • Talent wins games, but teams win championships

    Have you ever thought about what makes great teams great? From the team owners, to the coaches, to the players themselves, dynasties expect to win. Great teams are willing to achieve greatness. Ask 10 sports enthusiasts what basketball team has been the greatest franchise in 50 years, the answers would have something in common---a great team that
  • Protect yourself from identity theft

    "But he that filches from me my good name / Robs me of that which not enriches him / And makes me poor indeed."- Shakespeare, Othello, Act III. Scene 3Identity theft is a term that refers to all types of crime in which someone wrongfully obtains and uses another person's personal data in some way that involves fraud or deception, typically for
  • Alabama August: Residents, cyclists beware of heat stress, increased road traffic

    When you've been at Maxwell as long as I have, you start noticing trends and patterns. I'm not originally from here, and I know some people not from Alabama who would prefer to be elsewhere. I'm not one of them, at least, not anymore. I've learned to appreciate much of the Southern culture, the green, rolling hills, and, for the most part, the