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  • Safety … How are we really doing?

    Let's talk safety, I mean really talk bottom line safety. As a whole, I think we talk a good talk, but are we truly effective? Do we really know whether we're having an impact or not? We know each one of us plays a role in ensuring our own safety and that of those around us, whether co-workers, family or friends. However, safety tends to be one of
  • Steady-state mission readiness

    Happy February! Let me start by saying thanks to all who have helped initiate this series of articles providing information and updates, as we prepare Team Maxwell for our consolidated unit inspection in September. As noted in last month's commentary, the inspection system and the philosophy of inspecting have changed. And they changed
  • Un-gendering service

    Any commentary offered by a man to women regarding their military service is suspect. A commentary by a retired infantryman written expressly for women who desire to serve in the infantry or any direct combat position is very suspect. My sergeant once admonished, "Sir, talk about only what you know." Thirty years in the infantry, two wars, multiple
  • Attention to (standards) detail

    Gen. George Patton may have said it best: "It is absurd to believe that Soldiers who cannot be made to wear the proper uniform can be induced to move forward in battle. (Those) who fail to perform their duty by correcting small violations and in enforcing proper conduct are incapable of leading."While this was before the conception of the U.S. Air
  • The confidence conundrum

    People want to follow leaders who are self-assured. Few of us find value in working for or being led by those who are unsure of their own abilities or decisions. Confidence on the part of a leader, typically gained through experience and validation of technical and professional ability, inspires trust and certainty in others. Are you a confident
  • Inspections – a whole new world

    This new year, like the many that came before, will bring change and opportunity for our Air Force and our Airmen. One such change is the new inspector general criteria for inspections across Air Force installations. Team Maxwell is scheduled to receive a consolidated unit inspection in September. So what is a CUI and how is it any different from
  • Fostering teamwork: It's not about you

    Henry Ward Beecher once stated, "No man is more cheated than the selfish man." Individualism, entitlement, self-servitude and egotism well ingrained in our personalities are cancers to team development. The cure rests in selflessness, genuine caring of others and a strategic mindset. The implementation of these traits requires thought.A great team
  • An October Christmas

    Military necessity sometimes collides with holiday activities, even Christmas. This was the case in July 1995, when the Army unit I commanded in Baumholder, Germany, was ordered to deploy to Macedonia in support of a United Nations' mission along the borders of Kosovo and Serbia. Time was short since we were to relieve the unit currently serving in
  • Santa's climate survey

    Is Santa holding on too tight? Has he created a hostile workplace environment? I'm not saying the big guy is a toxic leader, but he likes being the center of attention, he certainly lacks self-awareness and self-control (just look at him), he always barks orders, he is operationally rigid, and by all accounts, he is in an abusive leader-follower
  • Military faces a quiet enemy – suicide

    Medic -- I'm hit!" On the battlefield, a call for help from a comrade in trouble triggers an immediate response. Teammates do not hesitate, and often risk all to answer calls and cries from a buddy in distress. Combat is indeed dangerous, and during the past decade, a heavy toll has been exacted on the military members whose profession is to answer