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  • Air University Press releases Fall 2020 Air and Space Power Journal

    The Fall 2020 Air and Space Power Journal, published by Air University Press, is available at In this issue: Information Warfare, Cyberspace Objectives, and the U.S. Air Force Establishing a Space Profession within the U.S. Space Force Off the Shelf: The

  • Air University Press release: The Better Mind of Space

    In The Better Mind of Space, Maj. Matthew L. Lohmeier, explores space and space culture from two distinct perspectives: traditional and emergent. The former has shaped the current military space culture.This Air Command and Staff College Wright Flyer series paper was selected for excellence in

  • Air University Press publication looks at warrant officers instructor pilots

    Author, Maj. Aaron Ewing, examines the Air Force’s pilot shortage in Widening the Training Pipeline: Are Warrant Officer Instructor Pilots the Best Solution to Increase Pilot Production?The Air Force is struggling to cope with a worldwide pilot shortage that has left the service over 2,000 pilots

  • Air University Press releases summer edition of SSQ

    Air University Press just released the Summer 2020 Edition of Strategic Studies Quarterly, available at this issue: Space strategist Everett C. Dolman from Air Command and Staff College argues why space as a unique war-fighting domain should have a fully

  • Air University Press accepted into Association of University Presses

    Air University Press is honored to announce that it has been accepted for membership into the Association of University Presses.This achievement is great recognition of all the excellent work the press has done over the years that supported its application, and the staff is excited to work with