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  • OTS flight commander: Best job in the Air Force

    This fall, two events occurred which made me especially proud to be a flight commander at the United States Air Force Officer Training School. In October, the Academy of Military Science, which commissions line officers for the Air National Guard, celebrated the 40th Anniversary of its first graduating class. The following month, Commissioned
  • Think safety during the holiday season

    Thanksgiving is coming, and with its arrival begins the holiday season and all that it has to offer -- travel, decorations, parties, cold, possibly even some snow and ice ... oh, and even more travel.Throughout the holiday season, expect commanders and unit safety representatives to discuss various safety topics. The intent is to help you identify
  • On the national anthem and why we serve

    I'm rarely on base at 5 p.m. When I am, I usually need to remind myself to roll down the windows in my car so I can hear the national anthem and stop.The other day I had just put my cart in the corral outside the commissary when I heard music over the loudspeaker. I stood respectfully, with my hand over my heart, along with a dozen or so other
  • There when needed: Native Americans have always answered the call of duty

    Native Americans serving in the military long have been part of one of the largest per-capita ethnic groups in the profession of arms. Young Native Americans have answered and continue to answer the nation's call of duty for many reasons. Some see it as a rite of passage, while others have been taught service, sacrifice and courage are virtues of
  • Fear-based leadership: Motivation matters a lot

    Every leader possesses a motivating spark - the energy that drives a leader forward and determines how the leader's unique traits are actually brought to bear. When the spark of leadership is lit by a desire to make things happen and to make a difference in the lives of others regardless of personal cost, the outcome is usually positive.
  • Tenth anniversary of 9/11, A time to remember heroes who died as well as heroes who emerged

    Sunday marks the 10th anniversary of one of the greatest tragedies to ever occur in our nation. It was 10 years ago we watched as terrorists attacked America and killed nearly 3,000 innocent people. The terrorist attacks taught us a hard lesson: we are not isolated from those who seek to destroy our precious freedom. Since then, we have grieved, we
  • The persistence of memory

    59 bodies passed in front of me over the span of six months. All were enclosed within aluminum transfer cases, all were draped with immaculate and heavily starched star-spangled banners, and all passed by under the salutes of those who trod across a few acres of noisy concrete to pay their respects. They all wore a uniform. They all died for a
  • Assignments not sought

    Rarely does a military professional's career consist only of assignments sought. Orders are issued, orders are followed and lives are changed. Such is the lot of military life. To those serving or who will serve, I predict there will be a time when you will be asked, or ordered, to go somewhere or do something seemingly undesirable. The use of the
  • DJs, Rock and Roll and the Club: A Test of Leadership

    The officers' club, or O'Club, in Aschaffenburg, Germany, was the focal point for social and professional gatherings. It was ideally located among unit barracks and family housing areas. The building containing the O'Club was large and impressive. It had once been the O'Club for the German army, and if one looked closely, one could still discern
  • "Americanness"

    On this 235th birthday of our nation, amid fireworks and parades, it is appropriate to take a few minutes to reflect on who we are, as a people - as Americans. The identifier "American" in this sense means citizens of the United States of America. I began work on this article several weeks past, because, as is with most Americans, I anticipate